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done anything stupid lately?

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I stuck my hand in my back pocket today and realized the pocket was stuck together by gum.  After pondering it for a while, I realized when I was shopping last weekend, I wasn't near a garbage to throw my gum away so I smushed it between a piece of scrap paper and tucked into my back pocket, probably thinking I'd throw it away as soon as I passed a trash can. 

Well of course, I forgot about it and washed and dried my jeans last night. smile35.gif And they're new jeans too. 


So what dumb things have you done lately that make you shake your head and think..."DUH!"

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Work has been crazy lately so I was happy to run out to grab lunch with a girlfriend when I had a break last week. I was also psyched when I saw that Corner Bakery had my favorite soup that day - poblano corn chowder. So I was totally bummed and kind of peeved when the cashier told me they didn't have it.


me: "What do you mean you don't have it? Did you run out?"

cashier: "We don't have that today"

me: "How could you run out?? Don't you carry that soup anymore??"

cashier: "Ma'm, it's Thursday, that soup is only available Sunday thru Tuesday"

me: suddenly realizing I didn't know what day of the week it was *tucks tail between legs*  "I'll have the chicken noodle, please. Sorry..."

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