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Can someone provide samples of playlist/song suggestions 2010/2011

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I've been going through and trying to read song suggestions, but I realize a lot of the songs brides provided are for the past years. Does anyone have a current playlist that they don't mind sharing that they're using for their upcoming 2010/2011 wedding?


I need song suggestions for the ceremony, first dance, parents, cake cutting and when the dancing starts. All help provided is appreciated!



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 I got married this month and here is what I used. (Non traditional stuff)


We used a guitar/accoustic type theme to keep it consistent:

Bridesmaid processional - Joshua Radin, A Friend Like You

Song for the bride - Luluc, I Found You

Signing the fake certificate thing - Jose Gonzalez, Heartbeats (only played for 30 seconds)

Recessional - Hall n Oats, You Make My Dreams Come True


For our cocktail reception we used spanish guitar type stuff


First dance - Finley Quaye, Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday (we slowed it down using some software so it was a lot slower and easier to dance to)

I honestly cannot remember what song my father and I danced to, he chose it and it was a surprise for me. I was just overwhelmed and slightly drunk at the time so I wasn't 100% focused but for some reason I think someone said it was from a cinderella movie. Not 100%


I'm not sure if we had a song for cake cutting. I'm going to go with no but it was quick it took like 20 seconds.


I can post our dancing playlist this weekend.

Music is such a personal thing though but anyway that's what we used!

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OMG i am in the same boat, and i feel like this is going to be the hardest part of the "planning" I have noooo idea what my party should walk to during the cermony, nor do i know what i should walk down to......urgh!

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