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The television is one of the main medium via which new products are launched into the market, and promotional campaigns are done. There are some TV shows that simply focus on promoting certain products that have come into the market. Often times, due to the success of these episodes, they turn into TV series, which aim only at promoting a certain product – be it movie, books, a beauty or hair care product. TV show in particular has come a long way now. It is no longer restricted to be a family drama or a teenagerâ€s life story. These shows could be about anything and everything. The promotional campaigns add to the achievement on the part of the television family, as they are able to break out of their mould and do something different. The products that are promoted could even be proceeds for a child care institution, or that for the house of blind or even old age homes. There are a thousand and one things in while the television could make itself useful. Not all shows are spelled out to be the stories of from rags to riches or from riches to rags, as those have been overused to the point of being literally abused. Since television offers a platform to reach out to the masses, important events or decisions are also addressed to the people via this. At times when the country or even the world needs to think as a whole, this provides the perfect opportunity for great minds to come together and share their thoughts on certain subjects. A television show which focuses not only on the campaign for products, but also on the welfare of the people of the particular state is definitely favored and held in high esteem. A show after all, reaches out to the masses and echoes the voice of the mass.

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