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Silk/Real Touch Flowers-Recommend Something Spectacular Floral Design

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I am beyond pleased with my bouquet from Something Spectacular!  Kim (the owner) is absolutely amazing and she definately went above and beyond to narrow in on exactly what I wanted my bouquet to be.  We spent countless hours on the phone discussing colors, varieties, wraps, trials, different mixes, you name it!  The flowers she used in mine were the highest quailty silks available to florists and they are so realistic looking, nobody believed they weren't real :)  And the best thing is they travelled from Michigan to TX to MX and back to TX, layed in the sand on the beach etc and not a petal is out of place!!  I highly, highly recommend her if you're in the market for silk/real touch flowers.  She stays pretty booked up just FYI.  Anyway, here is my beatiful bridal bouquet :)  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Oct 13 2010 014.jpgOct 13 2010 020.jpgOct 13 2010 025.jpgOct 13 2010 178.jpgOct 13 2010 421.jpgDSC_0092.JPG

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