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Photography options at Moon Palace

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Originally Posted by shan5176 View Post


Hi ladies!  I'm at Playacar Palace in February and am having the same dilemma.  I have sent three emails to my coordinator since 6/27 regarding wanting more information about the photography and have received NOTHING.



Thank you for helping all of us!  Do you also have a relationship with Playacar Palace?  I have submitted a request for information on La Luna as unfortunately Del Sol is not in my budget with currently being unemployed and planning our big day on one income ;-(  I'm hoping that maybe one of the newer photogs will be a better fit for us.  The work on the site is definitely the type and quality I am looking for.  With LaLuna is it just one photographer or two? 





Hola Shanon, sorry for not seeing this sooner.   I hope you were able to contact Playacar Palace.  They have a killer location there, we love that the ruins are in their backyard, and also a 2 minute walk to 5th ave... 







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Hello fellow Brides!  I'm getting married April 6th at a different resort and decided to bring our photographer.  I'm searching for another couple getting married in the area so that both of our cost will be less.  She can do April 4th, 7th, or 8th and maybe even a day on either end.  Here name is Sara Gray and her website is http://www.saragrayphotography.com  She is offering a killer deal (less than local photographers) if I can find another wedding for her.  PM me if you are interested and I can give you more info.  She has been featured on some awesome blogs like wedding chicks, style me pretty, and grey likes weddings to name a few!

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Hi Everybody! Hola from Mexico.


I am a wedding photographer living and working in Yucatan and the Riviera Maya, In the past whenever we have photographed in the Moon Palace. We just have asked the bride to add us to the official "Guest list" and request a room for the night of the event to cover, problem solved. Here are some pictures of a wedding shot in the Moon Palace, hope you like the pictures and this method helps any future moon palace bride's.


Jamie Glez



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Hello Moon Palace brides!


We're The Octavio Montes company, and we often work in Moon Palace, we're so glad to have these experiences.


Please take a look at the wedding of Jesse and Breanna that took place at Moon Palace, that was magical!




Moon Palace Chappel



if you have doubts or questions gladly attend you your doubts.
Have a nice day, Greetings!  :)

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