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Resorts/hotels/restaurants that allow fireworks close to azul sensatori

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 Hi all,

even if you know places close by (by aren't sure about fireworks) can you please list them? 


I love azul sensatori.


After spending millions of hours (at least it feels like it) planning a jamaican wedding I realized Azul is for me lol!


BUT I was loving Mexico for the fireworks and my destinationweddings specialist says that Azul doesn't allow them.



This is what I was thinking...tell me if you think it's too much trouble for the guests....


I read a review where a member resort hopped.


Basically I'd want my wedding and reception at Azul


and ask everyone to jump in (a bus for them, limo for me and hubby) for a fun suprise and to cut the cake. Basically I'd pay a resort, restaurant, or whatever near by to have a cake waiting and we would cut the cake, and then fireworks would be displayed. We would of course thank everyone from coming (get back in our limo)....



I just don't know if it's too much (the getting in a bus just for fireworks and cake cutting), but I want fire works gosh darn it!


Any suggestions for places nearby? Ways to work in moving guests to that location (after sit down dinner in the reception)?  I WANT fireworks (I know I said it before but I'll say it again :)   
.....oh and I also want azul (sigh).



Much appreciated!





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