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I am SO thankful I am done with these! They aren't SUPER hard, but you have to plan! I used a template I found on here and customized the writing/decor to fit my style! I used WORD and then had Staples print them out on some nice card stock I found at Hobby Lobby. It cost about $25 for the paper (35 sheets), $30 printing (color/1 side) and then I bought a paper cutter, corner rounder and a perforater all for about $20. My FI and I cut them out and they turned out awesome! For about 100 save the dates, we spent under $80, which means I didn't even spend $1 on each! If you even THINK you can make them yourself- its worth it! Plus, my FI and I had fun finishing them together! cheesy.gif








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Those turned out great!! Thanks for all the details about what you spent and how you made it. I had thought about having someone make it, and she quoted about $4 per boarding pass. Less than $1 each sounds much better to me :)

Any way you could send me the template you used? sarahspencer15@yahoo.com Or PM me the link to where you got it? I'm almost to 150 posts.. Can't wait til I can download things!! lol


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