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If Your Flying Spirit Airlines To Mexico Please Read This!!

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Anyone traveling on Spirit I would contact them or whoever you went through to book with them ie Orbitz Expedia TA etc


We just found out that Spirit just implemented this new policy that if you are booked in different classes of service for an international flight that they are requiring that you grab your luggage and re-check in which at your connecting destination. 


We are connecting in Fort Lauderdale Florida and only have an hour between flights. I did not even find out until I called to question why we were being charged 3 times for luggage. After sending an e-mail to my TA she called them and told them the following,



A)     They can not implement changes such as that after the flights are ticketed and purchased- it was sold as a married connection not as two separate flights.

B)      It may not be a legal connection if this is a policy they are sticking with

C)      They need to be sure that checked luggage makes it on the connecting flight


They changed it so we no longer have to do that. So I would call them to check it out and let them know the above if they give you any grief.


I wanted to share so no one shows up at the airport with any unexpected surprises :) I know I would have had a heart attack

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