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"Breaking up" with your hairdresser?

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#1 Pinky

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    Posted 20 October 2010 - 03:10 PM


    I have a hairdresser "dilemma".  The gal I've been going to, well she does a pretty good job and I've been going to her for YEARS.  Followed her from one salon to the next. Of course now she's at a higher end salon (translation....expensive!), so I've been paying double what I did at her previous salon.  I tried going somewhere else but my hair just didn't turn out the same, so I suck it up and pay the big $$ because how my hair looks is a high priority to me.   Well back in June, right before I went out of town on business, I needed a last minute haircut and she wasn't in.  So I made an appt. with the young new guy in the salon (he's like 20 or 21 and used to be their shampoo boy but now is licensed).  He did a totally AWESOME job on my hair, I was so impressed.  AND I felt like we really connected (NO.....not in that way....I'm old enough to be his mom LOL, and I'm pretty sure he sticks to the male side if you get my drift.....).  You know how you just "click" with some people?  We are both Scorpio too and I've always gotten along really well with other scorpio's.   Anyway, I came home and told my husband I felt like I got my "money's worth" this time.  The gal who has been doing my hair for years almost always schedules tons of appts. back to back so 9 times out of 10 when I go, I don't get full attention from her.  I understand it to an extent and know she needs to make her $$ but I'd honestly rather pay a little more and have her undivided attention.  I LOVE getting my hair done but for a long time haven't really looked forward to it as much as I used to.   Ok fast forward to YESTERDAY, I had an appt for cut and color.  Go in, she puts the foils in and I wait while she works on another lady.  Time is up, she has me shampooed and starts cutting, but I can tell she's in a hurry to get done and back to the other lady.  Well who walks in to work?  The guy who cut my hair last time, just as my gal started blow drying my hair.  He stops and looks and says "hi how are you, hey it's almost your birthday isn't it?"  It blew me away!  He remembered my birthday (well I guess the fact ours are only 1 day apart could make it a little easier) but I've only seen him one time.  My gal says "hey can you finish blow drying her while I finish my other client" and I think to myself YAY, now I know it will look awesome.  And of course it did!   There are tons of other details I'm purposely leaving out because this would be too darn long, but what the hell to I do now?  Oh and to top it off, her prices went up and now it cost me a whopping $180 for the cut, color and tip!     I really would rather have this other guy do my hair from now on, but how in the heck do I "break up" with a hairdresser I've had for SO long?  

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      Posted 31 October 2010 - 06:50 PM

      This is kind of like ripping off a bandaid - ya know you have to because the one you're wearing is old and just isn't doing it's job anymore. Time for some fresh air (or in this case, fresh Hair!!), lol.


      I know this is awkward, I've been there. But honestly, I think hair dressers are kinda used to losing clients and gaining clients...it's kind of like a revolving door. And if she's not giving you decent service anymore then, well, she really doesn't deserve you as a client. So next time you need an appointment, just go to the guy instead You don't owe her an explanation - she should be enough of a professional enough to handle it (if she even notices).

      #3 rbowman

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        Posted 06 January 2011 - 05:41 AM

        You just have to go for it.....sorry I know that is tough!

        #4 AfricanVenus

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          Posted 06 January 2011 - 06:24 AM

          I have a similar issue that I'm praying about (soooo not to draw attention to me, but I figured if someone already started a thread...). I've had my hairdresser since I was like 20 (I'm 26 now). I've followed her to 3 salons, but luckily, the price hasn't changed too drastically. People always compliment my hair and ask who did it. I tell them all about her and how awesome she is at what she does. She's really very good. A lot of the people I told her about started going to her and some of them are from my church.


          Anyways, I was on vacay and my mom called me to shoot the breeze. She tells me that a close church member informed her that a bunch of people in the salon were talking ish about me. The church member was shocked and tried to defend me. However, it appears my hairdresser was in on the bashing. I was shocked and a bit hurt, but I tried to understand that sometimes haridressers just play that role because gossip lives in a salon. Still, it bugged me and I don't know what to do.


          I've been toying with the idea of moving on for a little while, because I've found another place that does the style I like for much cheaper. It's a bit of a drive, but I do my hair every 3-4 months, so it's no biggie. I don't think the drive even exceeds what I pay to get my hair done: $260 every 3-4 months, plus some minor maintenance in between. With wedding planning, that's hefty for me right now.


          I've been keeping an eye on this other salon to hear reviews and such. So far so good. I'm wondering should I move on, confront my hairdresser (highly unlikely), or just stay? What would you all do?

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          #5 beetee33

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            Posted 08 January 2011 - 10:41 PM

            I've had to breakup with a hair stylist. It wasn't comfortable at all because I still see her around but since you'll have to see her while you're getting your hair done, that makes it even worse. I think you have to just go for it! Tell her you feel like you and the other stylist are a better fit. Good luck!

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            #6 Sallee

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              Posted 09 January 2011 - 05:10 AM

              I would book an appointment with the new guy that you love ............. If she asks on the day in the salon just say that she was fully booked and you were unable to wait for a later appointment. Once he has done your hair a few times she wont notice

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