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Tip & Keyholder (little different) with matching "hey that's mine" buttons

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My Tip & Keyholders are underway and I just couldn't wait to share.  So far they have been a blast to make!


This was my inspiration...



What I used for the wallet:

  • Vinyl Credit Card Holder (ebay)
  • Mini Snaps (Fabricland)
  • Eyelets (Fabric Land)
  • Scrapbook Paper (local art store & walmart) (one piece will make 12 buttons and 4 wallets, so 4 sets)
  • Lanyard (ebay)


I cut the paper to fit inside the wallet.  Then added the snaps, you pretty much just hammer them together with a little toll they come with (it had instructions on the back).  Then punched a hole for the eyelet.  Like the snaps you just hammer it (also had instructions & a tool). Lots of hammering makes this a very good craft after a bad day at work :)  Then I attached the lanyard.  I tried to use different scrapbook paper for everyone (some repeat twice).  Then I used stamps and my button maker to make pinback buttons. The buttons have their initials and match their wallet.  I thought people could use the pins to mark their beach bag, towel, etc. When i told my FI my idea he said "oh like, hey that's mine, I get it". 


Here are the pictures...



Hard to see but it has pockets in each side that hold anything the size of the credit card.  the snap is only through the top layer, so it doesn't block a card going in.




I really love them, hopefully the guests will too!

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OMG!!! I absolutely love this- I kept thinking of ways I could make them different so that people knew which one was theirs (we are having a huge DW- like 80-100 people) so this idea is genius! :) Keep going girl- they look awesome!

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