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Amanda's OOT bags

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Four months to go and I think these are almost done!  Just have to print out some final copies of the Welcome Booklet.  I plan on giving out one bag per couple, hopefully I'll be able to get the concierge to put them in their rooms while we're all out at dinner the first night.


pic 006.jpg


Each bag will have 1 of 2 custom lined notebooks.  The beach picture was one that I had taken on a vacation to Punta Cana in 2008.


pic 007.jpg


I absolutely adore these little first aid kits (thanks BDW brides for the idea!).


pic 015.jpg


Love these too! Stainless steel mugs with custom screen print from DiscountMugs.com


pic 011.jpg


1 of 3 Punta Cana keychains from VistaPrint (the quality of these are much better in person!!)


pic 013.jpg


My Welcome booklet that has double sided information, colouring page, word search, sudoku, and a map of the resort


pic 014.jpg

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Great Job Amanda!  I like how you basically included the essentials but do you mind me asking approx. what was the total cost per bag/per person?  I'm still debating on whether I can afford to do them for so many guests.  Even at 1 per couple I'm still lookin at about 40-50 bags.

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Thanks everyone!  The bags came from VistaPrint and the First Aid Kits were the $1 Johnson & Johnson ones that you can get at Target/Walmart/Dollarama.  My local Dollarama only had generic ones (which meant awful bandaids), and when I went down to Buffalo to do some shopping, the Dollar Store there only had 2-3 so I ended up ordering them off ebay.  I didn't want to have to run around to several different stores hunting for them.  EbySearch was the company and they were selling them in packs of 5 kits for $3.99, so 79 cents each!!!  They came with the bandaids and wipes, I then filled them with the Purell, chapstick, tums, tylenol, pepto bismol and put the label on them.


Total cost of the each bag and contents works out to about $15.

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