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Wedding wrap-up/review

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Hello all! I never posted on here before our wedding, but since I used all of your great information along the way during my planning process, I thought that I would write a quick review of my experience at EPM, Yamina and our wedding in general. 


To start, check out our photographer's blog of preliminary photos from our 10/10/10 wedding: 


I brought him down from Austin with us. I paid for his flight, hotel room and f+b for four days and an additional $1,000 fee and he shot an unlimited number of hours and photos over the course of our wedding weekend (group yacht trip, cocktail event on Saturday, parent dinner, spa day, wedding, etc). 


We had 50 guests for our wedding on the beach and reception on the Event Terrace. The wedding was absolutely perfect!

For the ceremony, I wish we could have been just a touch further down the beach from the hotel, but in the photos you cannot tell that we aren't. The Event Terrace is COMPLETELY secluded, so that was great. There was plenty of space for our entire group for dinner, a bar, dance floor, DJ and buffet. 


Yamina was on top of everything. She understood my needs and filled every request. Really a class act! 

Out of all our dining experiences at the hotel, our wedding food was by far the best meal we had (I choose the Caribbean Ocean Buffet menu). 


The spa was amazing; we had 15 girls in there the afternoon of the wedding and they accommodated us very well. Hydrotherapy circuit was great fun as well as the Excellence Massage. All three mothers and Dustin's grandmother had hair and makeup done and were very happy with the results. 


I didn't LOVE the DJ (Mannia). I honestly thought the MC was not great (just cheesy) and Dustin and I had provided a specific play list to follow and they immediately strayed. Once I got them on track with our iPod they were fine (but looked miserably bored). However, when you see the photos I think you will agree that it was for the best as the entire group had a BLAST dancing for four of the five hour reception. Everyone was on the dance floor. 


The hotel was great! Everything from the service to the rooms, drinks, food, water activities, beach and everything in between was top notch. Each of our guests had a blast and many stayed up to a week and even extended their stay. 


We're at Zoetry now on our honeymoon until this Sunday. Hurricane Paula kept us indoors for almost two days, but things are clearing up now and we'll be snorkeling at the reef tomorrow. Zoetry is amazing, BTW; a more boutique, high-end, culinary experience. Perfect for a honeymoon or very small wedding, perhaps. 


I worked with Laura Sangster at Caribbean Journey to select the hotel and negotiate room rates and to book everyone's rooms and flights. She was excellent to work with! Her link here: http://www.caribbeanjourney.com


AJ Horkavy, our photographer, was AMAZING. He will travel to meet you for any wedding, so give him a call. I am so happy that I selected him! His link here: http://www.austinweddingphotography.org/


I hope you all enjoyed the information. Let me know if you have any questions regarding our experience. I should have the rest of the hundreds of photos in a few weeks, so if you'd like me to send you the link just message or email me. :)

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Your pictures are amazing! How much in total was it for just the photographer including the additional $1,000 (not including expenses)? You looked absolutly stunning! Congrats! Love the date 10-10-10.

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Great tips @tstachow! Your wedding looked beautiful!



@PierreViolle - thanks for sharing that great trash the dress video, its nice to see behind the scenes, will definitely be referring my clients to your video!




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