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Ok, fortunate circumstances finally let me to a BD shoot!  My photographer (Critsey Rowe) who is from Charlotte NC, was in town (Chicago, IL), so I was able to have a session!  It was an eventful day leading up to it.  I student taught until 3pm, then had to run to the store to get my cute pink baseball socks (I couldn't find them all week long, but then finally found them the day of... see pics to know what I mean).  Then I sped (don't recommend) to the train station, took the hour trip to the city, walked 20 mins to the Red Line (sub) then 20 mins to the Dana Hotel and Spa (normally five mins each, but I was boggled down with a sports duffel full of outfits and my laptop).  I was so tired by the time I got there, and 10 minutes late :-(  But Critsey's stylist went right to work and I looked and felt fabulous!  Thank goodness I brought some wine!  We only had time for a few outfits and then I had to repeat the entire process of getting there in reverse (didn't get home until 11pm, then had to work early next morning).  When I woke up I had bruises (or blood clots) all around my neck where the duffel strap hit my necklace.. but it was all worth it!



I would love to just show you my favorites (instead of al 70+), but they are only on pictage right now, and not touched up.  This way, I get to pick my favorites and then they will be touched up.  So, when you look at them, you can actually go onto "my favorites" and "my second favorites" and see my top ten and second top ten (i was asked to pic one set, then another).  I LOVE THEM!!  I can't wait until I can get a book.  If you click on "before and after" you will see the two pics she touched up so you can see how they look before and after. 



key - sexylittlebride


Please let me know if you can see them (sorry they are so small, and also low res,  they will be full quality once they ready!)

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