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Has anyone heard of Hummingbird Hall in Montego Bay?

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#111 KayRon

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    Posted 06 September 2011 - 12:33 PM

    @ Atalanta

                            GOT YOU

    #112 atalanta

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      Posted 11 September 2011 - 03:11 AM

      Welcome @mbjlove.


      I haven't seen HH yet (not until the rehearsal), but their staff is wonderful and have equally as good or better reviews than I've read for Almarie. At the beginning of the year, I was so ahead in planning. Now, I'm so behind the other ladies who are having their wedding after mine. That is to say we will probably have some sort of rehearsal dinner, but I don't know where.


      One place I would suggest is the Luminous Lagoon. We are getting married too close to the full moon otherwise we would plan to have our rehearsal dinner there. I can't really recommend the restaurant (never been there), but the water has one of the most bioilluminescent activities in the world. (Check the internet for pictures). What a great experience to have for you and your guests!


      How many guests are you having?


      Originally Posted by mbjlove2012 

      Hello Ladies,


      I am new to this thread, but have been looking through any posts I could find of Hummingbird Hall. I originally was going to go with Tropical Weddings Jamaica since Almarie received such rave reviews, but upon checking out HH website and photos, I went with HH. Plus it was cheaper than the package I customized with Almarie. I can't wait to get a tour of the Hall in December when me and my FI go to JA for vacation (my FI is from Montego Bay). I am so excited!!!


      Our wedding is July 22, 2012! We picked that weekend because we wanted to have it near Reggae Sumfest so our guests will be able to attend the Festival if they choose to since our wedding is only one day.


      Question for you ladies: Are any of you hosting a rehearsal dinner? And if so, do you have any recommendations?




      #113 delgadot

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        Posted 15 September 2011 - 11:04 AM



        You are getting married 1 day after me!! Are you going to be staying at a resort?


        We will be staying at Iberostar Rose Hall Beach and since it is an all inclusive resort I am just going to have my group meet up at one of the restaurants the night before for dinner.


        Well Congrats on becoming a Hummingbird Hall bride!!!

        #114 mbjlove2012

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          Posted 19 September 2011 - 04:53 PM

          Thanks @atalanta!


          I am not sure how many will be there but I am inviting about 130 friends and family. I know some will not make and some have already said they can't wait, but I won't know for sure until they have RSVP'd and booked their travel. Hopefully, we'll have a nice number of attendees but not too many where it becomes too costly.


          I am going to try to schedule an appointment to see HH as well as check out a few places for rehearsal/welcome dinner while I am in JA in December. If you haven't come up with the place by then, I will let you know my experiences. When are you getting married?


          I am excited about the planning process, but there are soooo many decisions to make! Luckily, HH makes some of this alot easier.


          I am going to do my own invitations so I am in the process of designing those now. I don't know what made me undertake that task, but I figured I'd save money and hopefully my artistic capabilities will shine through (We will see)


          I also have to pick out my gown and the bridesmaids dresses. I am trying to narrow down some choices, but I don't think I'll be satisfied until I go in and try the gowns on. Knowing me, I will probably change my mind once I am in the store.

          #115 mbjlove2012

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            Posted 19 September 2011 - 05:02 PM

            @delgadot- Thank you!


            We were originally going for July 21, but I was informed later on in my conversations with Rosa that the hall was reserved on that date! lol


            We will be staying at a resort, but we are unsure of which one at this point. I am waiting for my TA to get back to me with pricing. I had her price all-inclusives as well as hotel only properties so my guests could have a more affordable option if an all inclusive is not in their budget or they're just coming in for the weekend.


            I would love to coordinate a dinner at the resort with my guests, but I have several family members with timeshares and they are going to go through their timeshares for accommodations. I just hope my guests don't end up all over the island!

            #116 mbjlove2012

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              Posted 19 September 2011 - 05:08 PM

              Question HH brides:


              Do any of you have a photographer for your wedding? Who would you recommend? I want an affordable photographer, but have been quoted some outrageous prices from a few.


              Thanks in advance!

              #117 atalanta

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                Posted 20 September 2011 - 08:32 AM



                Wow. We sound as if we are in the same place with planning and numbers, and I'm getting married two weeks before you and delgadot. My fiance and I are trying to trim down our guest list from 198 people. If only half can come like my dad suggests, we'll be ok. However, if more than 65% can make it, we are going to be in trouble because HH can only accommodate 130.


                We are hoping to finalize things this weekend so that we can send out our STDs. We were going to do the message in a bottle STDs but decided on an electronic STD from the wedsite we designed on The Knot. (I know HH has free wedsites, but I didn't want my guests seeing HH until the wedding.)


                I, too, am designing my own invitations. I was inspired by "futuremrstgun" on this site. I highly recommend her planning thread. After seeing what she was able to do with powerpoint, I decided to give it a try. We are really excited about the designs I made. Now, we just have to choose one. I'm sure you'll do just fine with your invitations, too!


                I still haven't picked a host hotel yet. I'd be interested in seeing where you end up and the value your TA can get for you if you are willing to share.


                Although I do have my bridesmaid dresses picked out, I haven't picked out my gown either. I found 4 dresses that I really like. When I go back to the states for Thanksgiving, I will head out with my mom and sister to try them on.


                delgadot, has a great idea of just meeting up at the resort restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. If we end up at an all-inclusive, I'd like to do that as well. Anything to keep the budget down!


                #118 FoxyRoxy30

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                  Posted 20 September 2011 - 10:44 AM



                  I am so excited about this thread! My FI and I have been having such a hard time trying to find venues in Jamaica that will accommodate the # of guests we intend to have. Our guest list  is currently at 220, and we are now praying that we don't have more than 130 guests, since HH seems ideal. We were initially opting for venues in Ocho Rios, but we recently decided to spare our guests the frustration of having to commute for 2 hours after arriving at the airport. Soooo. my 3 months of hard work finding a venue in Ocho Rios has now gone down the drain :-(.


                  We're targeting 8/11/2012 as our wedding date, but nothing has been confimred yet. Once I contact the wedding coordinators I'll hopefully be able to move forward!! It's frustrating b/c I feel as though I can't do much of anything until we confirm the venue.


                  Anyway, it's truly exciting to be on this forum and I hope we all can really help each other figure things out.


                  Congrats to all of you on your engagements and good luck with the planning!







                  #119 atalanta

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                    Posted 20 September 2011 - 11:34 AM

                    Welcome to the HH thread, Foxy Roxy.


                    The coordinators at Hummingbird Hall can accommodate parties larger than 130 at the aqueduct or gazebo. It's just that it gets to be pretty pricey. If we end up going over, we will have to slim down our menu choices and do that option. I have my fingers crossed though.


                    I know you haven't confirmed a venue yet, but I would encourage you to start looking at dresses, shoes, floral designs, tablescapes/centerpieces. It's never too early to do any of that.


                    Best wishes to you in finding your venue!

                    #120 FoxyRoxy30

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                      Posted 20 September 2011 - 05:04 PM

                      Thank you so much Atalanta. I've been IMing them all day and that option for the gazebo or aqueduct was not provided to me. They simply said they could not exceed the 130 guests for insurance purposes. Do you have an alternate plan in case you have more than 130 guests? I really like what I see thus far at HH, but would hate not being able to have it there b/c of cap on the # of guests :-(

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