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My OOT bags (lots of pics)

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Just finished making our OOT bags. Thanks to all you past brides who I 'stole' ideas from. It made this all SOOOOOOO much easier!

misc sept 2010 028.JPG

Mesh bags are from Dollorama $1 each, package of Welcome Letter and various other info will be put into a Folder once I find the right colour!


misc sept 2010 014.JPG

Made these door hangers to add into the OOT bags :)


misc sept 2010 022.JPG

our timeline, so that no one is late for any of the wedding festivities


misc sept 2010 026.JPG

The Welcome letter

misc sept 2010 027.JPG

Contents of the bag, also I am adding an inflatable floatie or beach ball to each bag. As well, there will be a keycard/tip holder for each adult in the bag (not just one). I also made some Spanish/English translation booklets, an 'Interesting facts on Mayan Riviera' brochure, and a birthday/anniversary sheet listing all the special dates of our guests that are happening during our holiday week.


sept27,2010 030.JPG

I had leftover strips of paper from making the menus, so instead of throwing it away I thought I would make bookmarks :)

misc sept 2010 029.JPG

a better view of the bag.... except for realizing that the bag is actually inside out!


Lucas first day of pre-school 2010 006.JPG

and lastly, the name tags that will go on each bag.


So, that is it! Not tons of stuff, but I think it should be ok.

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