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Azul Beach/Villa Carola - 11pm cutoff?

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Hi Ladies!


First time poster, but frequent and long time reader, so I'm hoping that you might be able to help. I've been looking at having my wedding at Villa Carola, right next door to Azul Beach where my guests would be staying. The reason we wanted to do our wedding at the villa was so that we could party all night long and not disturb hotel guests. My travel agent just told me that the hotel is telling her that no matter whether we're doing our reception at the hotel or at the villa that we'd have to stop the outside portion of the event at 11pm and would have to move the party inside if we wanted to stay up longer.


I wanted to know if any other brides-to-be had heard something similar or if you've had your wedding at either place if this was enforced.


Thanks for any input/advice!

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