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Save the dates Vs. Invitations

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#1 kswereda

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    Posted 27 September 2010 - 07:16 AM

    Call me stupid but what is the difference between Save the dates and regular invitations?  I am getting married in Punta Cana in March of 2012 and some people are asking if i'm sending out save the dates first.  I planned on doing boarding pass style invitations but am unsure if I need to send out Save the dates as well?? HELP!

    #2 clgriffi7

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      Posted 27 September 2010 - 07:29 AM

      Save the Dates (STDs) are normally far simpler (& cheper) and are sent out as soon as you know your date and location so that guests can put it on their calendar.  For destination weddings is serves an additional purpose of letting people know in time to save up money for the trip.  Save the Dates often do not have a lot of information on them - Bride & Groom's names, the date, and the resort.  You can add a wedding website URL where they can go to get more information.


      I think Save the Dates are best when in a format that they can be put up on the fridge where it can be a frequent reminder.  My fiance and I will have small magnets with our picture, our names, and our date.  We will mount the small magnet on a non-glossy postcard that will have more info (website, resort, and our at home party date).  These magnet/postcards will be put into envelopes and mailed.  Using Vistaprint and all of their discounts, I am anticipating less than $100 for 100 STDs.


      Hope that helps!!  If you have any more question, please write back as the ladies on this forum are VERY helpful.


      #3 kswereda

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        Posted 27 September 2010 - 12:04 PM

        Thanks so much that really helped!  We had actually heard of doing magnets for STD's as that way they are a constant reminder anytime someone goes into their fridge.  We have also heard of Vistaprint, I briefly looked at the website.  Do you have any ideas as to where to get magnets made? Are you also sending out invites to everyone that you sent STDs? We plan on sending out STD's soon, how far in advance to the actual wedding day would you send out invitations after?  Sorry for all the questions! I'm the first of my friends/siblings to get married so I don't have anyone to ask!

        #4 clgriffi7

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          Posted 28 September 2010 - 08:38 AM

          You can either have someone design and make your magnets for you - which means they should turn out great, but they might also be expensive.  You will find some beautiful examples on this forum of professional STD magnets.  I actually plan on having mine printed by Vistaprint as you are actually able to upload your own design for a fee ($4.99 + $1.99).  So I will do their small magnets and then also get the additional info printed on their matte postcards and then use glue dots to attach the magnet to the card.  Once you sign up for emails from Vistaprint you will start getting free offers almost daily.  So if you are patient you can get the 100 postcards for cheap (100 glossy free + fee for matte finish), 25 small magnets free, and free upload.  The deal with Vistaprint is you can get a lot of free products, you just have to pay shipping.


          For me, the STD and the invite list will be the same.  However, if you have friends/family that are less traditional and could care less about the formal invite, then there is no need to send one to them.  Also, if there is someone that has already told you they can't attend (based on the STD) then you might think it is more polite to not send them an invite.  Luckily for Destination Weddings there are fewer rules than for traditional weddings.


          I plan on sending out my STDs about 11 months in advance.  (I am currently at 13 months)  For us the timing is based on 2 things:  1)  getting the wedding date reserved with the resort which I am working on now and 2)  having our engagment pictures taken so we can use one of those pictures on the STD magnet. Our engagment photo session will be early November when the leaves have the most color in North Carolina - then there will be the lag of getting the magnets printed.  I think you should send out STDs as soon as practical after you have your date confirmed so that guests have the maximum amount of time to plan the year's vacation days and save money.  I plan on sending out the invitations about 6 months in advance.  The group room rate at the hotel should last until ~ 3months prior to the wedding, so a 6-month invite will be the additional reminder needed.


          No problem, keep the questions coming.  If you would like, feel free to Private Message (PM) me with questions.  (that is an option from the drop down located next to my online name in the header of my post)



          #5 Monique

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            Posted 28 September 2010 - 10:26 AM

            I sent out my DIY STD magnets, they are so easy to make...but it depends on how many you have to make vs cost of making them yourself. We're only have 15-20 people so it was cost effective to make them myself...I ordered magnetic paper from Paper Source (comes 5 pieces to a pack letter size) and printed 2 to a page! 


            But Vista Print is another great option.

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