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Any 2012 Brides Considering Palace Resorts?

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I attended a wedding at the Beach Palace resort this past August and found that the overall experience was great. At first, we all growled at the price but know that the resort was worth every penny once we got there (the 1,500 voucher took the experience over the top). Not only did I immediately become a member, but my idea of a dream wedding was fortified. When my boyfriend proposed last month, I knew that I wanted a palace wedding. Not only am I torn between the dates (I do know that the wedding will be in 2012!), but I am also torn between the hotels (Moon Palace Cancun vs. Moon Palace Punta Cana). My family is in Santo Domingo, but the plane tickets are so much more expensive to Punta Cana then they are to Cancun. Well... the bright side is that I have enough time to make all of these important decisions. Congrats to all of the other 2012 brides-to-be!!!! Looking forward to all of the "threading" we will engage in. ~Lolita

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