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I think I found "The One"!!!

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Ok ladies, the decision has been made, and deposit put down on the dress!


The winner is...dress # 2! The Alvina Valenta!


In as much as I LOVED dress # 1, I could not, not, NOT bring myself to buy a dress that I could not try on (I am a street size 12, and the dress was a size 10, so street size 6-cool.gif and it would not fit over my hips. Also, it was quite heavy!


My mom was in town this weekend, and it came down to the Alvina and a beautiful lace Romona Keveza fit and flare gown. My mom LOVED the Romona, but said my face "lit up" in the Alvina, so that made the decision easy! It's flowy and romantic, and I think it suits my personality more. Here's a pic of me in it!















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