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Trash the Dress Pro Pics!!! (*pic heavy)

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Beautiful photos .  And I'm in love with your shoes!!

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How much did you have to pay if anything for doing photos at the Cenote Azul? Looking to do something like this but figuring what costs are associated with it...

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Thank you! They turned out better than I had hoped, I just didn't know what to expect! I'm the sort that usually gets pretty nervous in front of the lens, but that day was so nice and our photogs were so sweet.


We went to Cenote Azul.  I know Ivan Luckie had posted all the good Cenotes on a thread on BDW, so maybe do a search of "Best TTD Spot in Cancun" or something, and his list will pop up.  It was so beautiful, and I really liked that each sink-hole had it's own look, so that the pics looked like different locations.  They're all side by side though.  The negative part is that there were LOTS of public swimmers, and some are in my nicest shots!


we did the beach 1st, and they tried to keep us pretty dry. Our bottom thirds were pretty wet, and a wave splashed me in the head, haha.  Their SUV was leather and they didn't care if we got it wet or sandy! We drove about an hour and a half or so to the cenote.  I didn't mind being in wet gear, the heat/humidity in Mexico dries things off quite quickly too.  I also had worn a swimsuit bottom under my dress, which worked well.  We put our wet stuff in a garbage bag after the cenote and wore dry clothes home :)




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