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Former Miss Mexico 1998 founds LOVE after 10 years :)

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I am a hopeless romantic and everytime I hear an amazing Love story I feel touched :)

Carlos and Katty met each other 10 years ago, and their destinity took them through different life paths, they both got married to another parter and they both had children.

During that time Katty won the tittle Miss Mexico 1998, she is a Gorgeous woman!!

They lived in Mexico, but sometime during those 10 years, they both moved to the US., they divorced and continued with their independent lives, and one magic day they saw each other again.. after 10 years! they found each other in the US.

Life is funny and gives us surprises, Carlos and Katty went to a life time before being able to embrace and love each other.

Now LOVE found them, and it's holding on tight!!!

They came for a few days to Playa del Carmen and stayed at the fabulous Rosewood Mayakoba were I had the opportunity to shoot a portrait session.

All I could do in front of that love and passion was snap snap snap, with a smiling heart!

Have I told you how much I LOVE to photograph LOVE?? Add passion, add sexy and it's MAGIC!!

Here are a few of my favorites:


Katty is a GORGEOUS woman!



Lots of love!




Architecture at Rosewood is phenomenal!, this stair case is inside their suite patio, it goes to a nice roof top :)












HUGE smiles!!









They promise to come back, next time might be wedding photos!! Yeay!

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