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Getting guests to RSVP and book

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#21 lisa203

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    Posted 13 October 2010 - 12:03 PM

    That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!


    I haven't sent invites out yet but I'm keeping hope alive, haha.

    Originally Posted by MsSmithtobe 

    I like the fake deadline idea. lol  Luckily since I first posted, half of my guests have RSVPed. 38 RSVP and 3 booked! Keep Hope Alive! lol

    #22 EricaMarie

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      Posted 14 October 2010 - 08:25 AM

      I am not getting married until December 2011, but have sent out an e-mail about a month ago to all of our close family and friends letting them know we did decide 100% to have our wedding in Mexico.  I want to make sure everyone has enough time to save money.  We are working on our save the dates now to send them out with enough time.  I want people to book early since tickets are expensive at that time of year.  People who initially told us they thought a destination wedding was a great idea and they cant wait to come are already saying things like "we will try to make it" or "we hope we can come".  I am getting worried now that those who are closest to us wont come and I will have more distant family there than anything (i have family that lives in Mexico). 


      I am glad to see your experiences with getting your RSVPs back so I don't worry too much if everyone doesn't reply or book right away. 

      #23 missgomes

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        Posted 22 October 2010 - 08:52 AM

        That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!


        I haven't sent invites out yet but I'm keeping hope alive, haha.


        #24 JanineA

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          Posted 22 October 2010 - 08:57 AM

          Don't worry ladies keep hope alive. I sent my invites out 4 month before our wedding date and received only 8 RSVPs (all family). I received all of my RSVPs after my deadline of August 30th. I basically had to get a list of people from the hotel who had booked with our room block and call the rest. Even at this last minute I am having changes (22 days out!). People don't get the concept and you have to remember that some people are just naturally procrastinators, they will always wait till the last minute. In the end, try not to stress cause it all works out. 

          #25 wnmrtn8

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            Posted 24 October 2010 - 12:26 PM

            I want to update: I have left 20 days to give the hotel the final count down. I email all my guest that hasn't RSVP and some people reply and others didn't. I really recommend calling all your guest once you are getting closer to the date. I was at 54 and now I am at 64 guest and a few more pending. Good luck everyone b/c I really don't think people get the concept of RSVP.

            #26 richarsd

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              Posted 25 October 2010 - 04:37 AM

              I think every bride has slightly different expectations for their RSVPs. And of course, guests usually have completely different expectations :P


              Our wedding is April 2011. I mailed out STDs in February 2010 because I knew that a lot of our family and friends would need a good year or so to save up the money if they wanted to come. We then mailed out our official invites with all the travel/booking info in June 2010. I asked for a RSVP deadline of Feb. 1, 2011. To me, two and a half months is more than enough time get a final count and plan party favours, OOT bags, etc. but every bride is different. I didn't want it to be too far in advance as some people try to book last minute hoping to get a good deal (although if they get a better deal than our group rate, I'll be shocked!). However, I made it VERY clear (in a diplomatic way, lol) that it IS a wedding and requires planning so if you haven't booked by Feb. 1, 2011 then you'll be assumed to not be coming. I also asked people to RSVP only when they are 100% sure whether or not they are coming...it's too confusing to get people to RSVP "yes" when they haven't even booked yet and then may eventually back out (I was pretty clear about that too in my invites).


              I think it's best to be clear with guests what you expect as most people have never attended a destination wedding before...in my experience, everyone really appreciated the info and "direction" provided, haha :)

              #27 andreawilson

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                Posted 25 October 2010 - 06:54 AM

                people always wait til the last minute, i would put some fire under 'em and reach out

                #28 L&J

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                  Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:18 AM

                  2 weeks to go and I had someone RSVP yes yesterday - 1 month after RSVP's were do.  You never know what guests will do!

                  Tensing Pen, Negril Jamaica, November 13th, 2010

                  #29 Raazzy5711

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                    Posted 04 November 2010 - 04:14 PM

                    I am not playing the wait until the last minute game with my people.  My genius idea of a DW has backfired on me and I REFUSE to allow it to get out of control.  I sent out 125 STDs in September 2010 thinking I will have just 65 people join us in DR.  My deposit date for land packages was October 20th, which brough out 59 people who registered and PAID deposits.  Mind you, my invitations haven't even gone out yet and I already know that several other people have paid since the 20th (I am over my 65 guest denial). 


                    So my TA is running the latest report tomorrow and I am PRAYING that it is under 65.  My RSVP date cutoff is March 1st, however if people have not booked their travel with my TA or gotten their accomodations taken care of prior to February 1st I don't want them to even consider coming anymore. 


                    My new number is 100 and under!!  I will pass out if I have over 100 guests in DR with me, even though I know it will be fun, I just haven't budgeted for that number.  Oh and don't get me started on the RANDOM people who keep facebooking me if they could come....

                    6 months, 6 months....


                    #30 AfricanVenus

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                      Posted 05 November 2010 - 06:51 AM

                      Our wedding package is for 25 people, so we're hoping to book 23 only, lol. While we have plenty of invites, our RSVP date is Dec. 31, 2010. We figure those who are definitely coming will RSVP right away. By sticking to the strict date, we'll minimize going over budget. If you don't RSVP in time, you're going on the AHR list, sorry!

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