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Our Discount Mugs Came Today!!!

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Okay so my experience with discount mugs was not the greatest. First of all I emailed their customer service and asked if they ever ran promos for greater than 10%. I was not asking for a discount just wondering if they ever did this from time to time. I received an email back from a Kelly that they DO NOT.


So,I placed my order (with a 10% promo code) for a certain mug with ideas for the logo.

The art department came back with a logo nothing like what I wanted. I had to create something myself and then send it to them. They were not helpful at all! Then a couple weeks later when the artwork was finally approved they tell me that the mugs were out of stock. I couldn't believe this!!! How could they not set the mugs aside at the time of order???? All in the meantime I see they are running a promo for 16% off!!!! WTF??? I called them and they said there was nothing they could do in regards to the discount. They then said they would upgrade to a different mug for free. Of course I didn't like the mug they offered so chose one in comparison with what I originally ordered.  So anyways I received my mugs today and they do look great. Overall I am happy I chose discount mugs but they definitely need to work on a few things!! Just wanted to share my experience!!!


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