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Shoesiesluvr's (Cindy) Planning Thread.

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Everything looks so wonderful!  You really saw your vision through to the end, and I can't wait for your pro pictures!  Many congrats on seeing it all come to fruition.  Have a fantastic trip!

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Cin, fabulous job!!!! Everything looks sensational and I'm soooo excited for you and H to have your long-awaited day/week finally be here!!! You put a lot of hard work and time into this, and now it's your turn to enjoy it all!


Congratulations and see you in the box!!!


P.S. I wore the same necklace for my wedding!! TOTAL GORGEOUS BLING!! Between the necklace and the bracelet I made, my family, friends and even strangers at the resort could NOT stop asking about them! Be prepared to say "Swarovski" a whole lot!! It's hard when you've been drinking hehehehe...


She really is a piece of art!! We ended up naming her "Victoria" LOL...


Can't wait to hear alllllll about it!!!! <3


P.S. SOA!!!!! Let me know if I can help catch you up!

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Cindy, loved reading your planning thread! AMAZING! I love your theme! I so so so love the shoes!!!!! Awesome. I love the cake topper...


have an amazing time in Cancun and most of all, have a wonderful wedding!!



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