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Shoesiesluvr's (Cindy) Planning Thread.

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I know that it is really late and I should be sleeping as we leave for Cancun tomorrow at 6 in the morning, but I just HAD to get this thread posted before we leave and this is really the only available time I have.


Most people say that it felt as if time flew by and they cant believe the day is finally here, NOT IN MY CASE. I seriously felt as if I were living in a dream and our day would never arrive! The planning has been very very VERY hectic as I have a FI who unlike most Fiance's wanted to be involved in EVERYTHING!! So we clashed and butt heads when it came to every decision ever made; But in the end we got thru it now we're less than a week away from our wedding day. 


Anwho I really want to give a big to Tammy for having such a great vision and creating this amazing forum and thank you to all of moderators as well! Thank you to all you girls here on BDW for all of your support, wonderful words and such creative ideas. And a special thank you for all my new friends that I have met in the SB, these girls have been there when the people you expect to be there, werenâ€t. There was tons of drama involved in this wedding planning and my SB girlies were all there with tons of support and encouraging words to make me realize that it shouldnâ€t affect my big day as much as I was letting it. So thank you all!!


Here we go…


How We Met:

Hector & I started out just friends on MySpace, we had a mutual friend (a friend in real life not online lol) who suggested that He & I should be friends. So we friend requested each other, but that was as far as it went, we never really talked with one another, we were just another person on our friends list. One night my girlfriends and I decided to go to a club in Long Beach to celebrate a friends birthday, unbeknownst to me Hector was there as well with his own group of friends. After some drinks and a lot of dancing with my girls, I was headed to the restroom when someone pulled me aside....guess who? After talking for some time we each went our separate ways. The next day, we both logged on to Myspace with the same intention, find one another and continue our conversation from the prior night. A few emails, a dozen phone calls and TON of text messages later, we went on our 1st date which led us to where we are now, 3 years later and a couple of days short of our destination wedding.




We got engaged on my birthday, June 12, 2009 @ the Happiest & my favorite place on Earth, Disneyland!

Our engagement story with both of our perspective can be seen here (sorry gals but it is too long to type up in this post)




Wedding Website

This website was pretty much the very first thing I did right after getting engaged.



The Bling:

My engagement ring:

I had always played with the idea of a princess cut engagement ring and had pretty much engraved it in my FIâ€s head that was what I wanted. As you can tell that is not what I ended up with, my FI wanted us to go into a Robbins Bros just so he could get a feel of my taste and when we walked out he said to me “you didnâ€t show me one single princess cut, they were all round cut!†apparently I must have changed my mind without realizing it lol




Our Wedding Bands :

We went with the matching eternity band from the same designer as my e-ring. Both my e-ring and the band are so thin that it almost looks as though it is just one ring. For our first anniversary we will be adding a second band to balance it off.



My Fiance wanted something completely simple and nothing flashy what so ever. As much as I tried to talk him into something with a little more pizzazz, he refused and went with this band. But to each their own, I like flashy, he doesnâ€t.





More to follow.....



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Wedding Colors & Theme

Fuchsia, silver and gerbera daisies

fuchsia.JPG silver2.jpg


The Resort :

All of our guests, along with my FI and I are staying at the Royal in Cancun Resort but will be taking advantage of the sister resort right next door for our ceremony.



 Wedding Ceremony Venue :  


We will be getting married o n Saturday the 25th of September 2010 at the Gran Caribeâ€s Ocean Front Gazebo (Sorry for the bad pix)

There is one reason and one reason only as to why we are not getting married on the beach…sand = no heels and I already had my heart set on some ultra fab pair of shoes. =)

The Gazebo will be decorated with a white runner instead of the red shown here ( as much as I liked it I think it would clash too much with the fuchsia the girls will be wearing) and will have the white curtain thingies and flowers.




Wedding Reception Venue

The reception will take place on the Villas Terrace (once again sorry for the horrible picture, I cant get a decent pix offline since its on flashplayer so I took a picture with my iphone and uploaded it =) During the reception we will have a polynesian dance performance along with fire dancers.



Photographer ::

Ivan Luckie will be our photographer for our wedding. I fell in love with his work as soon as I set my eyes on his amazing photographs.



DJ ::

We have hired DJ Ivan Gomez from Doremixx. We knew right from the beginning that we were going to do a DJ for our reception. Even though our wedding is small, we are all huge dancers and knew that a DJ was a must.





More To Follow.....


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Monogram ::

My first DIY project was our monogram. We used this on our save the dates, I printed these out on sticker paper, punched them out in circles and added them to the inside of the travel jackets for the boarding passes. We also used the stickers to seal the envelopes the STDâ€s went out in.



 Save The Date: 

The boarding passes were sooo much fun to design and personalize them so they fit our colors and theme. The lame part was all the cutting and assembling (which I had to do solo because I just knew that if I handed it off to someone else, say my FI he would purposefully mess one up so he could discharge him from this duty)…I was soo happy to put together the last one, seal the envelope and throw them in our postmans arms to let him deal with them.









Luggage Tags that went out with our Save The Dates:

These are just a few of the designs that I created for the luggage tags. I believe in all there were about 12-14 different designs (all beach-y related) in total. I opted for a ribbon tie instead of the regular plastic ones. I did fuchsia ribbon for the girls and silver ribbon for the guys.










Our original idea was to do message in bottles for invites and we purchased the paper and the bottles but as time progressed and we became absorbed with everything else we totally 100% forgot about the invites. When we realized this we decided to take a diff route and do something less time consuming, as we needed to get those suckers out. This is what we ended up with.





 More to Follow..... 






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My Attire:


I had originally purchased a gown from Los Angeles based designer Sue Wong (www.suewong.com), which was just soo incredible and I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately all the sizes were selling out quick and my only option was to purchase a smaller size which I have managed to lose enough weight to fit into (YAY!!!!), up until my chest comes in to the picture…I just cannot get the dress to zip up past my boobs(BOOO!!!!)…and unfortunately as the dress has a side zipper it cannot be altered therefore I am selling my dress.(Double Boo!!!) And I have purchased a new dress which I am love with as well.






My New Dress:


This dress was found by accident, about 2 weeks before I took my original dress to get altered, only to be told that it couldnâ€t be done.

I went with my Co-Worker to pick up her BM dress for a different wedding and as soon as we walked in I saw this dress on display and it just took my breath away. I loved it soo very much but knew that my FI would totally kill me if I even thought about changing my dress.




The day I was given the bad news about my other dress I had no choice but to look for another dress as it was about a month and a half until my wedding day. As heartbroken as I was, my FI and I rushed over to the bridal store with my mind set on the dress I had seen previously. I tried on this dress along with a few others but my FI, the sales associates and I just knew that the first dress I tried on was the one and nothing else compared to look on my face when I was rockin the dress I had come in for.

(Here is a picture of me in the dress)






I am a huuuuge fan of Swarovski!! My FI makes sure we steer clear of this store whenever were at a mall because he knows more than likely if we wind up inside, I will walk out with a blue bag with something uber sparkly inside.

As we were exiting the mall one day, we passed by a Swarovski store that is by the entrance we came in from (hehe not just a coincidence) and I pretty much begged H to let me go inside the store, he did and it resulted in my totally falling in love with this set. They had some gorgeous stuff but this set had my name written all over it…I love how it catches the light and displays all the different colors.

We actually walked out of the store empty handed because I could not bring myself to spend so much of our wedding budget on myself, even though H was insisting that we purchase it. On our way home we decided to stop by my parents house and I began to talk to them about this amazing jewelry set that I had fallen in love with and when they asked to see it they could not believe that I did not purchase it (everyone knows I donâ€t really have control when it comes to this type of stuff). Anywho my parents insisted on seeing the set so we drove back to the mall and my wonderful parents ended up buying me these puppies!!







Sorry for the bad pix…if I wasnâ€t having duh moment while taking the picture I would have thought to remove the plastic the bracelet is in and THEN take a picture haha hopefully you guys get the gist of it





The top of the stone of the earrings is a magenta/pinkish color that I thought was perfect since I love pink and think it will go well with our color scheme. You cant really tell in these pictures because of the lighting and it almost looks bronze but its really more of a pinkish hue





I first purchased a fuchsia garter that I loved as soon as I saw it and then 2 months ago as I was shopping I found this leopard one that was sooo damn adorable to pass up. I always wanted a pink garter as I love love love the color pink but this leopard one is too amazing not to wear. And plus it has a feather type thing on it which pays homage to my first love, my feather dress.





These shoes were almost impossible to find!! I remember seeing these shoes online before and for some reason I procrastinated in buying them and when it came down to it, these shoes were sold out in this color everywhere!! Finally my FI who is always doing wonderful and amazing thing to try and locate all of the unobtainable things that I have fallen in love with, called Zappos and was told that the only size they carried in this particular color was an 8 and even though he knew that I am a size 7, he purchased them anyway, just in case. One day I arrived home to find a Zappos box waiting for me, knowing I had not ordered any shoes nor anything from Zappos and that this could possibly be a mistake, I did the most reasonable thing and clawed the box open to have what I call a “clouds parting and rays of sunlight shinning through†moment when I saw the shoes. The shoes ended up being a perfect fit as turns out the shoe runs somewhat small, which worked out to my advantage. These shoes are sooo gorgeous and totally worth all the searching. The back of the shoe and all the rhinestones is what did it for me!! I love them!



I was on the look out for some sort of fancy sandals that would come in handy incase I get tired from walking around in the beauties above. I wanted something blingy and gorge yet comfy at the same time. After BDW Bride MysTea posted these, I fell in love and knew that I had to have them! They kind of tie in with my wedding shoes! (that fluff in the pic would be our daughter Coco)





More to Follow.......

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Hair Inspirations:

I was sort of torn with how to do my hair for the wedding, as I have naturally super ridiculously curly hair and with the humidity in Cancun it is bound to become a hot mess, so I naturally started looking at up-dos but I couldnâ€t find something that I just loved 100%. And plus my FI wasnâ€t a fan of any style I showed him. I finally said screw it and that I will take my chances and do something half up and down. I fell in love with both of the hair styles and I think my head band will look great with either one.





I purchased this head band off of Etsy.com from seller LuciaBella1 ( http://www.etsy.com/listing/46080226/gemma-clear-headbandhalo ) I loved this headband and loved the fact that it matched the style of my bridal jewelry…the tie ribbon is in an ivory color instead of the navy blue.

(FYI Not me in the picture)




  Make-up Inspiration :




 Fiance's Attire:

 Not sure as to why his suit is coming off shiny, I think I might have my camera setting off. but either way his suit is almost a dark blue color, which he will accompany with a white dress shirt, blue and white polka dot tie and his dress shoes.






Bridesmaids Attire

Both of the girls will be wearing these dresses with their choice of heels and jewelry as long as they are silver. These dresses are exactly what I had envisioned and I love the top part of the dress, they remind me of a shell on the beach =)



Bridesmaid Gifts

I am giving both of the girls a white beach bag that will be filled with lots of fun things that will come in handy during their stay in cancun. I am filling the bags with a beach straw mat, magazines, sun tan oil and sun block (just in case), a bikini, flip flops, body spray, a margarita cup and frame that I customized, pashmina,


Here is the Bag, not exactly the best picture but you get it.


Beach Mat:




Body Sprays:

The Body sprays are from Bath & Body works and I decided to go with tropical scents, I chose Coconut Lime, Mango Mandarin, Coconut Vanilla




 Margarita Cups:: 

They might be somewhat childish but everyone knows that I am very much into crafts, scrapbooking and DIY type things so I just thought this would be something fun and cute to give the girls.…and I really didnâ€t want to travel with glass cups so this was a good alternative. I love love love margarita glasses and have a collection of the various I have come across so naturally I wanted to somehow incorporate them.

I put “Bridesmaid†on the top of the cup with sticker letters and on the bottom of the glass I put each of their names and I just randomly added flowers, rhinestones and other Mexican type stickers. Its more of a keepsake thing rather that to actually drink out of.




I bought these frames from Ikea…who knew it was going to be soo hard to find unfinished wooden frames?? I literally looked everywhere and could not find them and on a random trip to Ikea BAM! There they were and 3 for a $1.00!! Steal!!

I painted them pink and once dried, I went crazy with the cool stickers I found that are all beachy and mexico themed…I also added rhinestones with my glue gun



Bridesmaid Shirts:

I will be making tank tops for the girls to wear the day of the wedding as we are getting ready. The shirt will have a design that I have created myself. Unfortunately i do not have a picture as i just got the design printed today and will be putting the shirts together while in Mexico.


Along with this, we are also paying for both girls hair, make up and nails the day of the wedding.



More to follow........

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Groomsmen Attire:

The boys will be wearing these exact pants and vest but will be wearing a fuchsia dress shirt with a silver tie. No Jacket.




silver tie.jpg






I also do not have a picture of the centerpieces as ive changed my mind a dozen times and will be meeting with the florist once we are down there to create what i have in mind.


My bouquet

My bouquet will be somewhat similar to the two below just will be all hot pink Gerbera Daisies.

daisy bouquet4.JPG

IMG_1223bouquet only small.JPG




I decided to make the boutonnieres for the guys, and I made them very simple with a pink silk gerbera daisy.



BMâ€s bouquets:

Another DIY creation of mine







More to Follow.......

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Raffia fans with ceremony programs:

The fans will have a pink gerbera daisy attached to them (have not gotten to that yet)



Programs ::


I designed and ordered the ceremony programs to attach to the raffia fans from VistaPrint; I took advantage of the freebies that they always offer. These are just their rack cards and I uploaded the picture of a Gerbera Daisy with a heart in the center and just listed our names, the date, place of wedding, the order of events, wedding party and a thank you section.


                  Back                                      Front

program back.jpgprogram front.jpg



I must have looked at every possible template I could find but I was not able to find one that I was fully satisfied with. I finally decided to create my own and I am truly happy with what I was able to come up with.






Initial Cake Letters:

I wanted some type of decoration for our cake table but I just could not find something that fit with the image I had in my head. Therefore I decided to take the DIY route and I made these!

They are 14 inch wooden letters that I purchased online and I bought about 15 dozen bouquets of silk carnations from Dollar tree. I then took the flowers off the stem, removed the bud they were on and while bunching the flowers together I used my glue gun to stick them on to the letters.

I really love how they turned out and look just like what I had pictured in my head. I purchased 2 small iron easels that will hold the letters and will sit on each side of the cake.



More To Follow.......

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OOT Bags:  

I was going to take the traditional path with these OOT bags but when it came down to the wire, I realized that I did not have enough time nor energy to buy and put everything together. Therefore once we are down in Mexico we will be purchasing tequila bottles (not sure what kind yet, the picture is what I had handy so I just threw it in there) and they will go inside the bags we purchased and each couple will have one waiting in their room.

Inside the bag will be the bottle, welcome brochure, keycard holder, thank you magnet and a picture card.





Close ups of the OOT Bag Contents :

Welcome Brochure:








Photo share cards:

Another freebie from VistaPrint…I used the rack cards for our photoshare cards

pix card.jpg

pix card2.jpg

Thank You Magnets:

These were free from Vistaprint and I thought “Why Not?!†lol if our guests choose to use them cool, if not then cool haha

thank you magnets.jpg


Picture Table/Guest Book:



As soon as I saw the idea of the whiteboard guest book, I knew that was what we had to do. We will have a table set up with 2 white boards (One large with the instructions and a smaller one to write the message on), colored markers, a camera and a variety of props. So our guests will put on some of the props, write a message on the white board and snap a picture! Later I will then compile all the pictures that were taken and have them printed in a photobook and that will be our guest book!


I purchased most of these items from Oriental Trading Co, the prices were awesome and the quality of the items are great. The items our guest can use are mardi gras masks, clown noses, pirate eye patches, the funky Kanye West glasses that have 2010 written on them and I do not have a picture of the feather boa and once in mexico, we will purchase a sombrero that our guests can use as well.






My Something New is pretty much everything I will be wearing that day, my dress, shoes, hair piece, jewelry etc


My something borrowed is truly something special, it is the starfish jewel that will go in my bouquet. I was lucky enough to be added to the Starfish Passing thread here on BDW.



My Something blue is a blue crystal rosary that my Fianceâ€s mom purchased for us during her trip to Italy.




My Something Old is the promise ring that my FI gave me when we first started dating. I dont have a picture of it since I just  barely now found it (we just moved into our new place this passed wednesday and it was in one of our many boxes) and dont have time to take a picture of it. 


Well Ladies, I believe that this is all...this was a great way to pass the time until we are off to the airport, only have about an hour until we head over to LAX. I'll be back in the BDW forum in 2 weeks! Talk to you all then!!



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What a wonderful job! Everything looks great. I like you idea of the Letters for the cake table. That is cool. Congrats on everything. Cant wait to hear how it was when you get back.

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    • Hi! I'm from the US (but I've been to the UK 6x- my finance says i'm not allowed to move there! lol) Many resort lines don't offer something like the dress rehearsal, which I think is crazy! It's such a smart idea!  Having been to Mexico so much, I find it so much more comfortable- Yes there are dangers but I don't find it any worse than Philly or NY. It is a country that gets SO MUCH money from the service industry- it literally benefits no one to mess with tourists. Your tip money at the bar is feeding someones family. Not that the DR is any different in that it relies on tourist $, but the vibe is just totally different.  In the DR, they were really very serious about us not leaving the resorts (we did- I don't believe in staying on resorts lol). Once off, we realized why. Now, full disclosure, we went right after the 2010 earthquake, so this was a) some time ago and b) right after a natural disaster. Once we left we just felt immediately uncomfortable. (We even saw a man approaching a goat with  a large gun and the Taxi driver seemed nervous and sped away- poor goat!) I find in Mexico everyone is SO respectful- in the DR I had guys make lewd comments (both from those off the resort, and more disturbingly from workers at the resort), grabbing at me, just generally super disrespectful and not at all comforting. My dad had to kick the room service guy out of our room bc he refused to leave when we asked!  This could have been completely isolated to the staff at our specific resort, but it definitely happened off resort as well. A la Anthony Bourdain, I have always considered myself a traveller, not a tourist, so I have zero interest in staying on a resort the entire time (really I'm not in love with resorts period lol), so for me, if I can't go off resort safely, what business do I have being there at all? Also they  made be throw out my coffee before I got on the plane- the coffee I got at the food court at the gate. I'm holding that grudge LOL. A long story short- it's not on my list of returns. I can honestly say that I'm not sure I would accept an invitation to a wedding in the DR- I think I'd rather save that money and go to Mexico! (or the UK, or Iceland, or just Europe in general lol)  I don't regret going, but I'd sooner go to Mexico if I'm looking for a beach!  That's just me- millions of people go there and have a great time! I guess it really comes down to what type of traveller you are (are you okay with being on a resort and just leaving for excursions)!
    • Hello, thank you so much for this it’s all very helpful.. are you from the UK OR US? ive never been and I probably won’t visit the destination until I get married! Oh my gosh I have looked at your resort it is beautiful!! my family have been to the Dominican.. can I ask why you didn’t find it as safe?   Thanks again 
    • Hi! Well, I stumbled on this forum, and then when I realized it was run by a travel agency (while being really impartial- the fact that there are reviews for OTHER agencies was a good sign!) I didn't look any further! Their website, where you can fill out a contact form:  https://www.wrighttravelagency.com/ Babs actually sent me an email on a Sunday (she had been out of the office on Friday) so that's how we started- I was so impressed right off the bat! You may not get Babs, but I can only imagine that the entire office is amazing! We're getting married at Azul Riveria Cancun (formerly Sensatori). We chose it because we have kids coming. We actually just went down for the Brides Dress Rehearsal (A really cool program Karisma Resorts do, where they give you a special price/couple to go down and check out some resorts, meet wedding planners and vendors etcetc- it's great having never been there to leave knowing and seeing it all- http://www.memorablemomentsweddings.com/Memorable-Moments-Weddings-Dress_Rehearsal.cfm) I'm pretty laid back- it's Mexico. Where ever you are, how ever it's decorated, whatever the weather is- it's going to be gorgeous. I wanted a destination wedding so that I could not worry about things! It will be what it will be- and regardless of what it is, MEXICO! lol I did just see a post about travel guidelines for the DR (Below). Just something to consider, it seems really restrictive! Have you been to the DR? I'm struggling at the moment with people who are afraid to travel to Mexico, which I've always found funny because I've been 6 times and I'm still alive! AND only 3 of those times were on resorts! I felt the least safe of all my travels in the DR, so it's just something that I like to mention!
    • Hello, oh thank you that’s great, how can I come across her details? where are you getting married and how have you found planning so far? 
    • I've had nothing but an amazing experience with my TA, Barbara (Babs) Vong- she actually works for Wright Travel Agency- the ones that run this forum! I'd suggest reaching out to them first- they're the experts!   My wedding is in February of 2020, and we started planning around August 2018, for what it's worth on a timeline.
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