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Hi all, I can't remember where I got this idea but I am sure it was from somewhere in the forum. Anyways, I just spent the last 2 hrs setting up our "new" scanner to scan photos of my FI and myself. We are going to have the digital frame at our guest book table. Throughout the reception we will have photos of my guy and me growing up from birth to when we met to the day he proposed to me.  Of course many of our early days were taken with poloroids  lol.  We got the scanner from www.usedvictoria.com for $20 bucks!  I was going to just take the pics to London Drugs and get them to scan them onto a cd but they charge 2 bucks for the cd and $2 for each photo!!!  I am so excited to get it all together and test it out. I still need to get the digital frame. Any one had any great success with this idea?

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very cool idea, I never thought of that. I bet your photographer could even put a stick in the side and play the ones from the wedding day. I know there are some cheap ones at Costco in Canada...might be a place to look.

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