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Yes I did.  Glaring as day.  + I needed to know how many were going to commit :)

how did you word that? because i def want to say something about it....

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this is what i have on my invitation 



To insure the best possible pricing and inclusion in our group booking, we are providing contact information to our wedding travel agent and encourage you to take advantage of her services.  Her packages include round-trip airfare, ground transportation to the resort and hotel accommodations.


Teresa Stauring

Vacations 4 Less


800-200-2423 ext. 202


323-655-1103 fax


We will be arriving Monday, April 4thbut know many of you are planning on arriving early or to stay late to make your trip a real vacation. Whatever your travel needs may be Teresa is ready to assist you!

Thanks for posting this, will be using this wording!

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