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Please help....best resort/hotel in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen for A LOT of guests?

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Hi everyone!  So, I am feeling totally overwhelmed and very much out of my element in planning my wedding, so I am hoping someone can help me.  I am sure I will have TONS more questions in the months to come, but right now, this is what I am most concerned about....


My future husband has a HUGE family and he has already made it clear that he feel like he needs to invite everyone. He realized that since he does feel like he has to invite everyone, a wedding at home (Los Angeles) can get really expensive.  He suggested that we have a destination wedding in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen for three reasons: 1.)  The locale is particularly meaningful to us.  2.)  He thought it would be cool to extend our celebration for more than just one day.  3.)  He thought that by having a destination wedding, we could shorten the guest list by default....he thought that even though they all would be invited, many people on his side probably would not attend, due to cost and the time of traveling.


Well, that plan may have backfired because pretty much all of the people we have told (no save the date's or invitations sent yet....we are planning this for March 2012, so we have only just been telling people the basic plan of having the wedding in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen) have said they will go.  Now, I realize that it is impossible for people to know right now if they will be able to attend our wedding in March 2012 and they may be saying they will go just to be nice, but based on what I have been hearing, I have to anticipate that we might have more guests than we originally thought.  We could conceivably have around 60-80 guests!


My question is this:  Are there any resorts in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen that do wedding ceremonies and receptions that can accommodate that many guests (for the wedding.....not lodging.  Some of the resorts I have looked at are huge....I know there will not be a problem finding rooms for that many guests)?  I have been looking at some reviews, but I haven't really seen any reviews of a wedding in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen that had THAT many guests.


Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!  Now that I have been researching so much, I am falling in love with the idea of having the wedding in that area because it all sounds so beautiful....I would hate to have to give that up!


Thanks so much!

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I am having my wedding at the Moon Palace on October 2, 2010.  We have 60 guests coming, which is much more than I thought we would have.  I was expecting closer to 30.  And like you said, a lot of people gave us verbal confirmations but I really did not expect for them to follow through, however, they did. 


We choose Moon Palace for several reasons, first being the large size. Since this will be a vacation for our guests and not just a wedding, I wanted a resort that would allow them to have "space" from other guests.  Additionally it has a ton of resturant options, pools and bars.  The second reason is the perks they give you for having a large group.  Since we have over 25 rooms booked and 75 guests, we get as many free events as we want (cocktail hours, receptions, private rehearsal dinner, etc.).  It does feel a bit like you are mooching off of guests though, as in a way they are "paying" for our reception by coming.  They also give us a free stay as well as a free room upgrade.  Any of the Palace Resorts will do this, so you may also want to check out Aventura Spa Palace, Beach Palace, etc.   The other reason we choose Moon Palace was that they have a Catholic Chapel as well as the location close to the airport.  It is out of the "hotel zone" yet not a long drive if guests want to venture into Cancun. 


I would recommned looking at some of the reviews.  Many people have had larger destination wedding and have provided reviews of how the resort handled it.


Happy planning!

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I am having mine at The Royal in Cancun, I am having about 100 guests. They have really great packages for up to 50 people, then you pay per head (and the cost isn't bad at all). Our reasons were similar, I'm from Long Island and the costs for an at home wedding with so many ppl on the guest list was nutsss!!!

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