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I'm in the same boat about the minimum amount for pens & then prices..

I never thought of DIY pens, unfortunately, the link doesn't work for me...

anyone else have that problem?


help me please! this would be a great idea for me!

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even the new link doesn't work for me confused.gif
Unfortunately, you have to post a minimum of 100 posts before you can open links/attachments. But it's pretty easy to do even without the link. Go to Staples and look for pens with a clear tube that the end can be unscrewed from. Then once you are home, take a piece of paper and figure out what size will fit. Now you have the dimensions, simply use Word (for example) and create a text box that size. (Use the ruler on the edges to help) Once you have that figured out put in your name, date, photo, symbol, etc. into the text box. Print out, cut, and then put into the pen tube! Hope that helps! It is a great DIY project.

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Originally Posted by HazelsMelody View Post

Okay I totally loved the idea of doing personalized pens for my OOT bags, but I got discouraged over and over again by the prices online. I'm trying to keep my bags as low budget as possible and the best prices I always found, you had to order a minimum quantity, like, 100 pens, and I only need about 20.


So then one day, in another attempt to search online for inexpensive personalized pens, I found a DIY personalized pen project!! I was SO excited! So I tried it and here's what I came up with:


DIY Pens


And here's the link for the instructions:



I love DIY projects. :o)

This is right up my alley.



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