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Okay I totally loved the idea of doing personalized pens for my OOT bags, but I got discouraged over and over again by the prices online. I'm trying to keep my bags as low budget as possible and the best prices I always found, you had to order a minimum quantity, like, 100 pens, and I only need about 20.


So then one day, in another attempt to search online for inexpensive personalized pens, I found a DIY personalized pen project!! I was SO excited! So I tried it and here's what I came up with:


DIY Pens


And here's the link for the instructions:



I love DIY projects. :o)

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Originally Posted by kimberly333 View Post


These are sooo coool!!. I love the idea...I researched personalized pens and they were so expensive..Thanks for sharing..where did you find the pens in the colors you needed?


I got the pens at Staples, but they're not specifically the colours of my wedding. They are just multi coloured - red, pink, purple, blue, turquoise, green and yellow - in one box. They just seemed a lot more fun than blue.

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