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Overwhelmed... help please!

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My fiance and I are planning a destination wedding for approximately 25-50 people for late Oct/early Nov of 2011.  I'm looking for resort recommendations...


Things that are most important to use:


affordable for our guests

prefer all inclusive, but open to not if affordable pricing

ocean view wedding - PRIVATE - I do not want to be surrounded be people gawking in their bathing suits

outdoor reception



At the moment I'm thinking Mexico or Jamaica.  Most of our guests will be flying from Philly area so I'm open to new areas, but nothing too far of a flight.


Thanks in advace!



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I am at the Gran bahia Principe Jamaica and I have to say I am very pleased with everything so far. We got a good rate of $1600 pp and there is lots to do in Jamaica, all of our guests are soo excited. Beverly their wedding co-ordinator is also very nice and helpful.


We are bringing our own photographer and it isnt a problem, I have heard resorts like Sandals will give you a hard time so its worth staying away from them.


The gazebo where we are getting married is secluded as we also didnt want people looking at us or having people with speedos on in our pics. I have added some pics of the gazebo that I already have.


Only thing is that I dont think they have an outdoor recpetion...but may be worth looking into.


If you have more questions just ask or drop by the Gran Bahia form as there is lots of helpful info there!!










gaaaa.jpg   gazeboo.jpggaz.jpg

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Do you prefer adult-only or all ages?  This will help you narrow down your options.


The Karisma Properties in Riviera Maya (El Dorado & Azul) allow you to bring your own photographer, but they must stay at the resort at least 3 nights (or pay a $500 outside vendor fee).


Congrats and happy planning!

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Hi Ashley!  Welcome!


I had a hard time figuring out where to start and what I wanted also so I contacted a few travel agencies.  They asked me a lot of questions about what I wanted on the day of the wedding, what was most important and what my budget was.  Then they came up with 3-4 options for me to review and we went from there.  I ended up choosing one from the first three I looked at!


Best of luck and congrats!!


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  We chose the adults only resort The Royal in Playa Del Carmen. We chose Mexico first and foremost because it is so affordable. We have been going to Playa every year for the last 4 years and love it. It is a perfect place for guests because the down town which is just steps from the resort offers a lot to do. For our reception we chose on off site location right next door called kool beach club.


The Royal does charge of fee of $350 for bringing out outside photographer :( but if the photographer stays at the resort than you don't have to pay the fee :).


We chose to have our ceremony at the gazebo because of it's privacy. We also chose to get married at sunset for this reason.


Here are a few pics, first three of the gazebo and last two of kool beach club












Feel free to message me if you need any help with anything or have more questions.

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Mexico is very affordable!  We chose Dreams Puerto Aventuras and it is much more affordable than we had though.  The resort is beautiful and we'll be getting married there in 17 days!

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Welcome to the forum and above all, congratulations for your engagement!

One of the best things about Riviera Maya is the fact that you can get everything you dream, and it goes from the simplest things, up to the most elaborated... I am certain that you would love it.

To check out various resorts, a good place to go is the hotel review section on tripadvisor.com and the venue reviews here.  TA will not offer many wedding reviews, but the list is probably more extensive and you can come back here to learn more about wedding experiences. I would suggest using both resources. 


Your wedding is going to be full of magic and this website will help you a lot!

We wish you the best.

Happy planning.



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welcome to this helpful forum.


I´m getting married in Cancun at a private villa  because we want it to be private!! Just like you, we don´t want people staring at us in their bathing suits! I have found tons of information here and everyone is nice and helpful. hope you get what u want.  good luck with your planning!!welcome4.gif

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Hi and welcome!!!!


My personal advice is to stay away from TripAdvisor until you've actually chosen a resort and are just going to check out people's pictures.  There are a lot of reviews on there about resorts that are just plain wrong!  It's sad to say but people get paid to post bad reviews about resorts, and many a bride has been stressed out over reading erroneous reviews on there.


I would say the best advice is to get a TA.  Like someone already mentioned, they'll work with your criteria to help you find a resort that you love.  Let them do all the leg work!  If you still need a TA, the ones on here receive rave reviews.  Just click the link at the top of the page.


I got married at Azul Beach in the Riviera Maya.  It's one of the Karisma properties that someone already mentioned, and it's absolutely fab!  However, it's a bit pricey as are all Karisma resorts.


Good luck!!

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