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Paradisus Punta Cana (PPC) Brides POST HERE!!

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Originally Posted by MrsLamb View Post


Choosing a photographer is really hard. I wanted to have this amazing woman from Wisconsin, but I don't want to spend so much of my budget on flying someone in. Her work is amazing, though, and from the conversation I had with her over the phone, she is super sweet. Here's a link to website (and no, I have no affiliation with her other than wishing she could shoot my wedding! haha!) 


Hey Mrs Lamb,

Just one litle advise, make sure you get a good fotographer for your wedding. I think this is one of the areas where you should not cutback. Remenber, a wedding is one day but photos are forever! I'm getting married in PPR next spring (i can't wait) and  We are flying our fotographer from the States, he is a litle expensive but he does a great job...totally worthy.


This is aI am getting married in PP 







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Hi ladies!!

My name is Jasmin and I am getting married 1 day before bike girl (May 9, 2011) at PPC!  I am so excited and I know the time will go by super fast!  I feel like I am on top of things at the moment.  I just ordered my wedding dress (eee!) and I am getting Pastor Rick York to officiate and HDC photography for the pictures.  I went with HDC on the recommendation of a high school friend that used them for her wedding at PPC (small world!).  I also found that emails were promptly responded to and I was having difficulties communicating with Photo Souvenier.  I am going to go with the Chill Out Chic package and then upgrade the bouquet, I think thats it though.  Everything else seems so expensive and I don't want to have any surprises when I get the final bill.  There will be about 25 people that are going to be there so a small, intimate wedding which I think is ideal for Martin and I.  We have 14 confirmed guests so far from Calgary, Canada and now we are working on getting flights and packages for Martin's side of the family coming from Germany.


What are people doing for their honeymoons?  Staying at PPC?  Going to another resort?  I think we are going to go to Zoetry for our honeymoon (at least I want to) but we are still weighing options at the moment.

Good to meet everyone!

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I'm thinking about booking my wedding/honeymoon at PPC, but I'm scared to actually book it.  I have also looked at Secrets, Sandals, and Excellence.  The brides that have already booked with PPC, are you happy with your choice?


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Hello Ladies,


I am so happy to stumble upon this forum, and tonight especially. We've put down the deposit for our wedding at PPC (!) after reading lots of reviews and really studying $$. Of course as soon as the deposit was paid I started to really focus on the negative reviews and become really nervous. BUT the recent pictures I've seen, and the happy brides through this forum, have settled my nerves.


We're planning on doing the Chill Out Chic package and will have around 15 guests in attendance. We were looking for an intimate, special, nice and fun wedding atmosphere and are both really, really excited!!


We are struggling a bit with the photographer. Any suggestions for photographers local to PC? We've looked at Photo Souvenir and really liked their TTD sessions, but I saw an earlier bride point to Phil Steingard and I LOVE his portfolio. Has anyone worked with him before or know the cost of having him shoot in PC?


Also, does anyone know the most private place to get married at the resort? We were thinking of getting married on the beach, but are a little concerned about random people bothering the wedding.


Okay, I think I'm done with the questions for now. I look forward to lots of discussions and pictures of PPC, and learning of everyone's wedding plans! I think it's going to be fabulous :-)

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Whew! This has been a crazy week! Finally a little breather...


MrsLamb, thank you so much for the link to your site visit photos. Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how much they helped! PPC has not provided a detailed site map...the one they did provide looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint 10 years ago by some kid! Lol. Not only did your photos give me an idea where everything is but I feel a GAZILLION times better with my choice. The resort looks absolutely amazing and much nicer than Dreams, judging by the photos. Dreams was a big contender for me but I'm glad I went with the PPC.


Any developments on choosing a photog? I agree with Dania. Don't skimp on photography! A good photographer can make people or settings look better than they are, but not the other way around. Plus, photos are forever. 20 years down the line, you'll want to see photos that bring back good memories and no regrets!


abbs, i would not choose Secrets or Sandals. Those resorts I find are great if you want a ready made wedding with NO customization, if you have unlimited budget, or you're going for your honeymoon. I found that there was too much restriction and extra costs for anything outside the package (heck, even more than the Paradisus chain!) and I was not 100% happy with the packages. However, if I hadn't put my deposit down for the PPC, I'm not sure I wouldn't have gone with the Excellence instead. A friend of mine got married at the Excellence Mayan Riviera and absolutely loved it. Her photos were beautiful. As well, that resort seems to be on par or just a little lower than PPC but more value and flexibility.


jkweddingday, did you see the link MrsLamb posted with all her site visit photos? Those might help you decide on a ceremony location.


I really like the Chill Out package but not the colors. Well, I like the colors but they don't fit my scheme. I'm going to email them to see how much that would be. Although I am still wavering on wether to use my free Wish package and just add everything else a la carte. I like the easy of a ready-made package but at the same time, it seems such a waste to forgo a free package and pay full price for another one that has some of the same items as the free. Lol.

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I'm so glad the pictures are helping you! Rest assured, the resort is just beautiful and I know the staff will be wonderful. 


JKWeddingDay, your concern about privacy on the beach or the gazebo is valid. It's not private and you're going to have curious onlookers. They'll have the decency to keep a reasonable distance, of course, but I'm pretty sure a few will be immortalized in at least some of the pictures. thewave.gif   "Go JK, it's your wedding day, oh-oh, oh-oh!"


I'm having our ceremony in the garden and whereas it's not a private area that other guests will not be allowed into, I'm pretty sure the distance between them and our ceremony will be adequate. The convention terrace area is probably the most secluded, aside from a ballroom.




This photography thing has me frustrated! For the style I want I'd have to fly in a photographer. Not worth it to me in the long run. HDC and PhotoSouvenir got the best reviews on this site, but Arrecife Studio is right on the resort. Because all three seem to have very similar styles, I'm going with Arrecife for simplicity's sake. Again, they are right in the resort so I don't have to get them a day pass (yes, I'm budget-minded-- lol), and I can easily pop into their office to check the proofs. 


Bikegirl, I got my quote and it looks like they have to charge for the linens for place settings that exceed the 20 included in the package. So it's not that I'm being charged for changing the Chill Out linens to the Fantasy linens, just that I have to pay for linens for the extra guests. 


Everyone, how are your ceremonies coming along? Supposedly the most important and moving part of the day is becoming an after thought in my planning experience! Ha! Are you doing programs? 


Gotta go.... look forward to your responses! 

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We are paying about $2600 for Phil and we get to keep all the digital negatives which is priceless.  Most photographers charge you extra for that.  Phil has also been great to work as far as planning goes too because he is down in the DR so often he is very familiar with everything down there:)


Hope that helps:)

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im nicolas wedding photographer here in puntacana bavaro i write you fot to know my own web site 

check on www.nicolabisogni.com and write me for any question and curiosity..welcome3.gif

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MrsLamb, thanks for the clarification! That's good to know.


I haven't done anything in terms of the ceremony....I've emailed them a bunch of questions, though...of course, that was 4-5 days ago and I haven't received a response. I emailed Jennifer Alvarez. I want to get this in writing from them so I have recourse in case they change their mind when I'm down there.


Someone had mentioned before they had a Canadian or US contact for the PPC?


Here's the questions I asked:


-Chillout is brown and Aqua is blue and ivory. If I choose Chillout and change to another color, is there an extra cost?
-Package includes 12 ivory roses and matching boutonierre. Are there any other option with NO extra upgrade cost?
-What locations can we use for the dinner?
-Which locations are included in package and which ones are extra cost?
-If we use included cake but add some decorations, what is the cost? If we bring own decoration, do you charge to put on cake?
-It says only housewine included. How much to get liquor and beer?
-What is included in the chill-out decor? My colors are blue and brown - is there cost to only change the color of linens?
-Can I bring my own paper lanterns and centerpieces to decorate the reception area?

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