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My ladies- I miss you all so much!  I haven't been on for a little- but I found an internet connection, and NEED to share these pictures.


First off, not only are Elizabeth and her daughter, Lindsey, the most sweet, down to earth, fun troupe- but the pics really do speak for themselves.  I feel so blessed to have been able to have her at my wedding.  She truly went above and beyond any expectations I had about her by stalking her blog and website for 2 years :)


The love that she puts into her work is beyond words.  And I believe that she cares so much about all of her clients- enough to become friends!  I had so much of my wedding party tell me that she was amazing- in her interactions and how sweet she was (If you see this EM- I have yet to email you back to tell you this!! I will SOON!!)


I'll post more pics later!  Make sure to stalk her site like I did!  You'll be inspired.....









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Aw thanks guys!!  My dress is San Patrick- Palmeras.  San Patrick is a sister company of Pronovias.  It is still for sale if you're interested!  wink.gif  Size 10 label- but size 4-6 street size.  I have it posted here:  http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/61746/selling-my-gorgeous-san-patrick-palmares-1-500

I have not posted it anywhere else since- was hoping for a BDW'er to get it, and I'm willing to work on price!


And my shoes are from Zappos.com- the designer is Martinez Valero?  But Zappos is great because you get free shipping back AND forth (if you change your mind 6 times!).  You can also filter between color, size, heel height, price.  A GEM!


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