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My wedding theme is in Brides Magazine this month!! Oct. 2010

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A few months ago “Brides†on Facebook asked the question,  "What are you doing for your wedding that is different than the norm or outside the box?"  I immediately responded with my wedding theme since whenever I tell anyone what it is I always get this "WTF" look from them and then the question, "Why?!"


I responded to the “Brides†question informing them proudly that I am planning a Shark themed wedding.  I [LOVE] sharks and am doing it in a way that made it “wedding sharkâ€, lol.  I received a message from the “Brides†account on Facebook asking me for more details and my name, city, state and age that she would use my idea for their magazine.


The article reads like I had my wedding already but itâ€s not until May 2011.  However, I am donating money towards shark conservation as favors along with gummy sharks, shark species instead of table numbers, etc.


Now I feel like anyone can give me that “WTF†look face all day long.  â€œBrides†thought it was an original idea!!


I am the bottom square in white!!



Brides Magazine - Oct 2010.pdf

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thanks ladies!! i was super excited to hear from Brides when they told me they were going to put my quote in the magazine. it really made me feel vindicated that my own personal like of sharks can be incorporated into a wedding and not be just a flat out "dumb idea".


i didn't get overly giddy until i saw "my" words in print though.  also seeing my age in a magazine for some reason made me feel old =/ lol!

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