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Book Club 2010

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Sorry for the blank post. But I am having major trouble posting a new thread. So ignore that one!


I'm starting a new thread for book club so as not to confuse it with the Who Likes to Read thread.


Here's how we do this. I need everyone interested in joining to send me a private message with the book they'd like to submit.  I made a spreadsheet and it will list all the books. I will randomly pick a number (from a website) which is assigned a book and thats how we  will choose the book. I think we will give each book a month to read. (If everyone is ok with that.)


Here are the girls who said they were interested:









So I'm gonna wait and see if anyone else wants to join and get all the book suggestions. Also we had a disclaimer I'd like to put on here too that we had last time.


BOOK CLUB DISCLAIMER (per forum mods):

Participation in this Book Club is strictly voluntary. Books are not pre-screened and may contain material or discuss issues which are unexpected, shocking or even offensive. If a member is not comfortable with the given selection participation can end and, if desired, begin again when the next book is selected.

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Yay, I have received book suggestions. Sadly I'm at work (ssssh) and the spreadsheet is on my personal laptop at home. Grrr. I'll have to email it to my work so I can keep track!

Just FYI, you don't have to have read the book to submit. If you've really wanted to read a book you've heard rave reviews about by all means submit it!!

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