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Need Aruba Christmas Ornaments!! HELP!!

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My name is Martha and I am having my wedding in August 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba. I finally decided on my wedding favors. I would like to give each guest a Christmas ornament that they can hang on their Christmas tree every year and think if the great time they had in Aruba. I have searched several websites and even asked my wedding coordinator for help, but no one seems to know where I can get these. I was in Aruba last September and me and my FI bought an ornament. Of course the souveneir shops don't have websites!


Anyone with any ideas or suggestions?? Please help!! smile41.gif



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Originally Posted by Kathie View Post


Hi Martha. I am going to Aruba for a site visit on November 30th and would be happy to pick them up and ship them to you. Let me know.

Omg, that is so nice of you! How would we work this out?



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