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Pre-wedding purging

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Hey ladies, I've found some amazing things on this forum, and since I seem to have bought waaaaay too much for my OOT bags and crafts, I have a lot for sale. I thought this would be the perfect place. I can offload some things, AND help out some other fabulous brides. I'm currently in Toronto, but will be traveling to the US this weekend for Labour Day, so keep that in mind if you need things ASAP!


All of the items can be viewed in the album at: http://s1009.photobucket.com/albums/af215/cranstonba/For%20Sale/


Prices do NOT include shipping. If you're interested, let me know and I can look up shipping.




5 Bliss high intensity hand creams - retail for $8 (US) and $10 (CA). Selling for $4/each.



Weaving thread - GREAT for stringing together flowers. I used a few yards. There's at least 45 yards left on the spool - $5.00



23 silk orchids - $1.00/each



7 Sudoku puzzle books and 4 word search books... perfect for OOT bags! $0.50 each



1 Alphabet stickers (green) - $2.00



Rub-on "Quote Stack" (new and unopened) - paid $12.00, selling for $3.00



Rhinestone stick-ons - paid $4.00, selling for $2.00/each



Shell ring holder - selling for $15.00 - currently there is a purple ribbon on it, but it can be changed



Decorative excelsior - $4.00



Green sand - $2.00 - 1 lb bag



5 B&BW 4 oz candles - paid $12.50 each, selling for $6.00/each. Tropical scents - 2 Caribbean Escape, 1 Island Nectar, 1 Seaside Escape and 1 Caribbean Salsa



2 laundry bags - Paid $16.50/each from GAP, selling for $9.00/each - Canvas type bag with 2 seperate sections. One for "clean" panties, and one for "laundry". A huge hit with my guests


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Hi I would love the shell ring holder please. I actually live in Niagara Falls, so I could meet you somewhere just before you cross the border? PM me and we can figure out where to meet. Thanks

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