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Dominical "The Old Costa Rica" - closer with the new road open

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Just spent a few days in Dominical. It used to be an all day trip to get down there. Now with the new road just finished, it is 40 min. This part of the country is the old Costa Rica. Not over priced, less crowded beaches. Charming hotels, local seafood restaurants. We have done a few weddings in this area and always like coming back. This is a place to consider for those couples that want a more genuine experience of the country.

Humpbacks whales are migrating, what an amazing experience. We stayed at Riotico Safari Lodge (just did a photographic makeover - the photos they have do not do the place justice - they will be up soon). We went with the advice of TripAdvisor and loved it.

Other places in the area that are cute:

Mono Feliz

Cabinas Riomar (stop at the bridge to see the koati troop)

Casa Amarilla


Cuna del Angel


Stop and have lunch at Roca Verde and ask for one the best Arroz con Camarones (Shrimp n Rice) I have had!




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Hey there Amanda & Dave,


A perfect place would be Casa Amarilla 10 min from beach (http://www.costaricapropertyinc.com/property/casa-amarilla---ayacucho---san-jose---dominical-98.htm). We have done a couple of weddings there. It is up on the hillside (like most places in Dom). We will fish out some links for you and post them later.


There is also Rancho Pacifico (but about 30min from beach):


Paradise Breezes are very cool rentals but about 25min from beach as well.


Other places to look at are La Cusinga, Roca Verde has some budget cabins. Dominical town itself is very muddy and buggy. I would go with hillside.


Nice restaurant to hold a reception would be La Parcela (great views) http://www.dominical.biz/laparcela


Cuna del Angel has some rentals as well (Paso de Los Tucanes):


Here are the photos I took of Riotico Safari Camp (15min from beach $40/nite- great waterfalls next to it):



Hope this helps.

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Thank you


All of those places look amazing. Definately something to consider.


We aren't for sure set on Dominical, but want to stay away from Guancaste area and get married in the more natural area of Costa Rica.


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Ask.CostaRica, can you tell me where you are coming from that it only takes 40 minutes to get to Dominical? I am curious how long it takes from San Jose airport with the new road. I get answers that are anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

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