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Another February 2012 bride!

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Hello  everybody, well let me introduce myself i'm karen and i've had the longest engagement ever (if im wrong let me know.. would be soo good to know im not the only one sad.gif

I got engaged in 2002!  Because me and my fiance were living in different countries at the time, we decided to live together, once i moved to the Netherlands, we kind of forgot about the wedding thing cheesy.gif we always made excuses as we are living like married for so long, but finally after our last holidays in Cancun, we decided was about time to set up a date otherwise it  will never happen rofl.gif so we decided for 18 February 2012, still a long time but since we waited for so many years, one or 2 more is nothing.


I just started asking for quotations and all that to some hotels as from Holland we do not have the packages you guys get in the U.S but hey, i have plenty of time to get some ideas here in the forum.


Thank you for sharing your experiences to help newbies like me smile03.gif

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Dear Karen,

Welcome to BDW forum!

The Riviera Maya would be an excellent choice. You wouldcertainly appreciate the Caribbean charm.
I am certain that you would love it.
Your wedding is going to be full of magic and this website will help you a lot!

We wish you the best.

Happy planning.

Saludos desde Playa del Carmen!

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