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Is it "real"????

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I'd say be very careful.. and do your research!


I am engaged to a Cuban guy but we met in Canada. We travel to Cuba a lot though and I some of the people we encounter.. smile43.gif


A lot of men and women will do just about anything to secure that visa out and they find all sorts of reasons to justify their actions. I don't think there's a sure way to know if the partner is genuine or not. For some couples it's a bit more obvious than others, like if there's a noticeably large age difference, but the scammer will target anyone and if he/she lands a young and attractive foreigner then that's a bonus. It can happen to anyone.. I'd say just keep your eyes open to red flags. Are they asking you for gifts? Are they pushing marriage on the 2nd or 3rd trip? 


Try to spend have an extended trip in their country to see how they live and get to know them better that way. 2 weeks in paradise is just that and it's really hard to see past the vacation romance in such a short time. I'd maybe even suggest to them to get married and live in THEIR country and see how they feel about that. 


I think there's a forum called dr1.com where a lot of people share their experiences being in relationships with Dominicans? I'm not sure. I know for Cuba there is a forum called cubaamor.org and I am a poster there. There is tons of useful information to anyone who is interested in pursuing a relationship with a Cuban and if the dr1 forums is the same.. I'd suggest doing a lot of reading there.


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