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Can't Believe I Bought My Dress!!!

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Yesterday I went shopping for the very first time and I came home with my dress!!! (totally unexpected)


I came home with a Maggie too!!! (another thing that was totally unexpected)


I always loved Maggie dresses, but prior to shopping accepted the fact that I probably wouldn't end up being able to get one due to my very tight budget of only $500.  Well yesterday was my lucky day!  I found this Maggie Haute Couture dress on the sale rack because it had been discontinued.  Regular price $1536, marked down to $500!!!!  I think it was meant to be. :)  Taking it off the rack, I still wasn't thinking that it would be the one.  I tired on 3 other dresses first, but the moment I put this Maggie on, I knew it was mine.  The size was almost perfect too!  It only needs a little altering in the chest area, as well as on the train.  I am going to get the train taken off so the bottom of the dress is all one length so that it doesn't drag in the sand. (we tucked it all in below to get the general idea of how I want it to look)


I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!


Here 'we' are! ;)




And the amazing back:



And one more with the flower in my hair.  This is the general idea of how I want to wear my hear on the big day.




I honestly still can't believe I actually bought THE dress on the first try!!

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Congratulations the dress looks beautiful!  You are one luck person!  That price was a steal for a Maggie.  I paid $536 for my Maggie as well (It was a discontinued style)!

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