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DIY invitation question

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#11 Sarah


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    Posted 15 August 2007 - 09:05 AM

    Originally Posted by Raeka
    sorry thread hijack but Sarah I think you really have an eye for DIY projects. I know it's been said before but all your projects turned out so good. And now I see you making your siggys. I think you have a creative outlet - have you ever thought of doing some stuff on the side?
    I love making miscellaneous DIY stuff. i love photobooks, siggy's...pretty much anything where I could be creative! If I though I could actually make money doing this stuff I totally would...for now, I get my fix by making sigs and stuff for people on here :)

    #12 PaulaV

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      Posted 15 August 2007 - 09:50 AM

      Originally Posted by Heidi
      I printed the invites on 52 pieces of cardstock I um borrowed from work; 52 pieces of green paper I borrowed from work; printed on laser color jet printer that I um borrowed from work (I did this all AFTER work hours though!!!); I borrowed the paper cutter from work for 2 nights....all I paid for was envelopes ($30), $43.26 postage for outside envelope & $26.78 postage for RSVP post cards. My costs added up to $100.04 ($0.97 each)! Wow, now I feel better about doing them myself! HA!
      Haha! You 'borrowed' the cardstock? Can't wait to see their reaction when you put back the borrowed stock with your lovely designs on it ;P

      Ugh, that is a lot cheaper... but I think I would still use envelopments if I made them all myself and like Susan said, they are not cheap:

      5x7C2- EnvyLandscape Pocket Fold$2.25 $ $168.75
      5x7C2-White MicahCardstock (invite)$0.45 $ $33.75
      5x7C2-White MicahCardstock *cut (info insert) $0.49 $ $36.75
      4x5C2-White MicahCardstock (RSVP)$0.45 $ $33.75
      1x2C2-White MicahSeal $0.50 $ $37.50
      5x7E2-White MicahMailing Envelope $0.44 $ $33.00

      printprinting $1.50 $112.50
      (I will assemble)

      Melissa, I don't have a picture, I have print outs of my ideas that I showed her. I am thinking green (like my ticker below) and white... looks crisp and clean. I still think I am using an orange for the BM dresses, but I don't want the green and orange together unless they are flowers. Kinda torn about that. Not sure I want orange and white invites.

      #13 MikkiStreak

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        Posted 15 August 2007 - 03:23 PM

        Paula, I think the pricing you listed above is really phenomenal for doing pocket folds! Some of the vendor pricing I had seen was almost $1,000 for about 100. If it's in your budget, I'd say go for the pro work! When people comment on them, you can still tell people you worked with a designer on the the custom invites! :)

        In the grand scheme of things- there are so many details to planning a wedding, so it you can make it easier on yourself by letting someone else handle this aspect, I think you'll enjoy other DIY projects more and it will give you time to focus on other areas of the wedding that are fun (like cakes, decor, etc...). :)

        #14 PaulaV

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          Posted 15 August 2007 - 03:59 PM

          Maria, I think you hit it on the head... there are so many other aspects of planning that I need to do that are on my list and in my dreams, that lining up things just right, not dealing with a jammed printer, etc. would be nice :)

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