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Italy in January?

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Greetings from India. This site is so full of expert travelers, perhaps you might be able to solve our dilemma.


We are planning on an Italian Honeymoon around 15th Jan. Places planned are Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Vatican and maybe skiing. Our duration would be 14 days maximum.

We researched the place over several days and found mix reviews about Italy in January. Some say it's too cold and raining, some say it's bearable. Some say many sight seeing places are closed, others say there are shorter queues etc etc.


We would really appreciate inputs from anyone who's been to Italy during the winter season.


Thanks in advance,


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I'm also interested to hear from anyone that's had a Wedding in Italy. I have a client who's looking at renting a hamlet or a couple of villa's there and I'd love to hear some feedback from someone who's done this!

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I went to a wedding in Italy in May. The weather was lovely and hot when the sun was out but it was pretty cloudy a lot of the time and rained a bit too.


To Navi - I think it would be fairly cold in January, certainly in the North, but warmer in the South.


To TA Becky - the wedding I went to wasn't the best organised wedding I've ever been to, but it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed the trip. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to help.

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Navi - After reading your questions I figured I would just ask an Italian for you!  I have a coworker that I am good friends with that lives in Verona, Italy (between Milan and Venice) and was able to instant message her at work to get her opinion.  After copying your post to her, this is what she replied:


ok there are several things to consider
1. weather:  it is normally rubbish in the north (all the places she listed are in the north but rome) it may rain a lot and be cold, I mean not NYC cold but last year it snowed a few times
12:25 PM
but not consistent pretty snow, right?  so a lot of cold & wet days?
12:25 PM
yes, you may get a sunny day but odds are against you.  I think that visiting all those places is feasible but implies some time spent moving from one place to the other and no way they could squeeze skiing in
if u want my opinion I would do the same trip in Apr/may
it isnt true that places are closed
12:29 PM
okay - so all of the tourist stuff would stay open year round
but it is probably true about the lines being shorter
12:29 PM
yes and yes
12:29 PM
np they would still love it
but it isnt as nice
the cold is bearable if they are from the North of the US
12:31 PM
btw vatican city is in rome and pisa isnt that great
but the leaning tower sounds like a must for tuorists
I have never been there
I am not sure it is worth the diversion
12:32 PM
rome florence and venice are on a straight line
12:33 PM
I would visit another place but thats just me
you could recommend Siena (in tuscany) or bologna
between florence and venice
or verona
any of these cities is much nicer than pisa
but i can understand why they want to go
it is funny it is so famous abroad and you owuldnt find 1 Italian that would list it among his favorite 5
Navi -  Sorry for the long post, but I figured it was best to just copy in what she said.  Hope this helps!!!

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