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Definitely! So far, I've gotten coffee mugs, T-shirts, sticky notes, photo share cards, welcome letterheads, baseball caps, pens, tote bags, welcome books, photo albums...the works! I didn't even have to put in my credit card number!!

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Here's some of my Vistaprint stuff. Overall I was satisfied with everything except the postcards were a little smaller than standard postcards (one of my pics shows a comparison to actual postcard)

First time posting pics, hope it works







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Hi Niajs,

No, I didn't even pay for shipping. How it works is, I created free items (specific items such as T-shirts, tote bags, pens, business cards, etc... are always 1 FREE)  and saved them in my account portfolio. Then when you click through the link, all items are free shipping. This way, if you only select the FREE items that are saved in your portfolio and add them to your account, then your balance due is 0 and vistaprint lets you leave the credit card screen blank.

However, if you do anything at all that adds to your cost, i.e. image upload, color backs, etc., your account will be charged and you will still have free shipping, but then its not free...literally.


What I've noticed is that you can basically get every item free from Vistaprint, you just need to google the right link. However, only the repeat FREE items qualify in conjunction with the free shipping. This is because once you click on an other link than the one in my first post, the prior offer no longer applies.


I hope this isn't too confusing...it was very tedious because Vistaprint makes you add each item individually and makes you go through a bunch of pages, but it was worth it to me. Basically, you can get free shipping, but to truly get a no-cost shopping cart, just add (up to 10 at a time) from the traditionally free items below:

- 1 Free T-shirts

- 1 Free Notepad

- 1 Free Pen

- 1 Free Hat

- 250 Free Business cards

- 10 Free Letterheads

- 100 Free Postcards

- 1 Free Coffee Mug

- 1 Free 4x6 Photo Album


PM me if you have ?s

Originally Posted by niajs View Post

You have to pay for postage though right?

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