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Help with finding wedding planner in Negril (for ceremony/recep. on 7 mile beach)

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Hi guys! I REALLY need help with finding a good wedding planner in Negril. Has anyone been "wowed" by someone that they had and feel that the prices were reasonable?


We tried to go with the all inclusives but the prices got a little crazy, and we wanted to do Moon Dance Villas, but due to family conflicts, that wont be able to happen (that really broke my heart by the way because it really is beautiful :( Right now we dont want to have our ceremony/reception at a huge all-inclusive, but still looking for a villa/hotel that would be awesome and affordable - so if any of you have info on this, that would be great as well...


Ideally our wedding planner would be able to help us find the perfect ceremony/reception spot on the 7 mile beach...or at least somewhere not far that guests can travel to from the 7 mile beach and back.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated :)


Thanks a bunch


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Hey there - I'm new to the forum, so hopefully I'm doing this correctly. I'm getting married at Moon Dance Villas in July 2011, but did want to respond with something that will, hopefully, be helpful. Have you looked at the Sunvillas website (http://www.sunvillas.com/) yet?  They have a map of Jamaica where you can click in Negril and then see all of the villas that are available. You might also want to look at some of the local photographers' websites to see where they've been. As for planners, Negril-Jamaica Wedding Planners seem to be highly regarded. Ciao, Lara

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