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beach lounge furniture

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I am using the lady above. She has been an absolute delight to work with. 100happy with her. I will post a review after the event.



Perla Cervantes Moreno

“El Arte de Transformar tu Eventoâ€

Tel: 52 (998) 875 3195

Cel: 52 (998) 147 6502

ID: 92*1020601*1

Fax: 52 (998) 251 8749

E-mail:  perla@alquimiaevents.com

Website: http://www.alquimiaevents.com   

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hello beach lounge brides!!

In case you need any decor or lounge furniture, please let me know, we have new equipment and everything is so beautifull! To complement tiki torches, bamboo poles, metal lanterns, luminaries, lounge beds! eerything to make your event memorable!

See some photos of our events in our facebook page and some inspiration pictures in our blog.


warmest regards!!



www.planner1events.com/ www.planner1events.blogspot.com/ www.facebook.com/planner1events


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There are plenty of vendors that offers lounge and other furniture.  You just have to watch out who your vendor is, if they are reliable or not because the lounge gets dirty or broken very easily.  For my weddings I supervise every 4-6 months the conditions of the lounge to make sure they have a good maintenance.  So do not go just with the photos because they can be old!


Good Luck!

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Jazmin I agree with you, not all companies that rent lounge furniture give it maintenance. That's why every two or three times a year we give maintenance or renew the furniture. Since it is very important for us to provide quality service and price.

To see photos of current events, please follow us on facebook www.facebook.com/alquimiaevents



Happy Planning cheesy.gif


Perla Cervantes




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Can't agree more Jazmine....you know our lounge and why it has been succesfull! ...maintenance and checking all the details..since we used it so often we actually renew the furniture every 2 months. That is why the best hotels recomend us. We have published quite a few pictures on our facebook page.




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