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Coral Bridesmaid Dresses?

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I'm thinking coral for my BM's as well, so thanks for the inspiration!  The coral/aqua combo was stunning, but not sure if I would have the guts.  Coral/green maybe, or just coral.


Here are some Mori Lee designed that I really like, but depending on how I choose my BM's, one of them won't be able to wear it for sure, she just doesn't do strapless.   The colour is watermelon.


mori lee 855.jpg


mori lee 832.jpg


MoriLee 834.jpg


MoriLee 884 coral.jpg


MoriLee 838.jpg

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Hi Mocha - could I ask you to comment on the quality of the dress and style that you received from bigdaydress??  Were the dresses the same as in the picture and it was just the color that was off? or were the dresses just horrible??  


I'm expecting my MOH's dress in early Feb, but I'm watching an episode of Wedding SOS right now where the dresses they bought online were HORRIBLE!! and i'm really getting scared and nervous.  I'm really worried that once I get the dress (and if they're just crappy quality) I might have to change my mind and get them made by a seamstress and not sure how much time they will need, so I guess the sooner I decide the better.

Originally Posted by mochamakes3 View Post

JR14 - I don't have the swatches. I'm just going off the test dress that I ordered. Are the orange callas real or faux? I have real touch callas in orange and they are nothing close to the dress. I can try to take a picture tonight and post it tomorrow morning if that would help?

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JR14 - My dress was actually from another vendor, but I figured the swatch colors would be the same. I ordered three dresses from Monica Bridal, a vendor on dhgate. They were all made quite well. I had sizing issues with the first two but for the third I sent in measurements done by a professional and the fit was perfect. The only dress that wasn't like the picture was the one I picked off their website, I sent pictures for the other two. When I talked to the vendor they were even surprised it was not a halter like the description. I still wonder if there was a mix up somewhere. Maybe you can ask on the knock off thread about big day dress?

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I finally got my coral MOH dress which I had ordered from bigdaydress.com, on the same day I had my first dress fitting!!  So I took the opportunity to take a picture of my sister and I.....


I can't say how much I was impressed with the dress, as was the bridal shop owner!!!  

The color is absolutely PERFECT!!!  Dark Papaya/Coral but yet its really bright in natural light!!  



Original Jim Hjelm 5924



The dress at the store before ordering online




MOH dress + me!

MOH and me.jpg

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