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2011 Dreams Puerto Vallarta Brides * post tips and planning info here*

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#1 JMikla

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    Posted 22 August 2010 - 12:55 PM

    Hello ladies!


    There is so much info to weed through here which is awesome, but I am certain some of it is stale dated. I know I panicked when I read on here that fireworks were banned from Dreams PV, and my TA checked into it and they are allowed. :) YAY!!


    So I thought I would start a Dreams PV 2011 brides thread. You can post you wedding date and links to your planning thread and anything else you want. I know there is a brides date post already, but this might make planning easier.


    Our date isn't confirmed yet but we are thinking "Late April/Early May" just ironing out the details.


    Thanks for posting.

    Marrying my best friend Dec 3rd, 2011 @ Las Caletas
    70 guests booked and paid and counting....

    #2 gowiththeflow

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      Posted 23 August 2010 - 06:32 AM

      Great idea! My date is April 9, 2011.  Getting the date down was the hardest part, so good luck! Don't get too frustrated - I know I did! Our date was not available at first, and it opened up.  But I still had to ask, she didn't just offer it. 


      We just sent our save the dates, sent out 80, probably end up inviting a total of just under 200. We feel about 50 will come, which is perfect!


      We are getting married on the gazebo (if space allows) at 4pm and cocktail and reception at Las Palmas. 


      We are working on finding a photag.  It is hard because of the vendor fee you need to pay.  Our plan is to hopefully fly ours in as a guest to avoid that, but still pricing things.


      Our colors are navy, fushia, and silver.


      Just so everyone knows, you can pick 2 entrees for guests to choose from, but they need to know 15 days prior. 

      #3 JMikla

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        Posted 23 August 2010 - 07:25 AM

        Thanks for posting gowiththeflow.


        When you picked your date were you able to determine where you would have the reception at that point as well. I am thinking I would like to have it at Las Palmas. It looks like a good spot but I am also interested in Oceanside.


        As for the photographer, if you bring them as a guest you don't have to pay the fee?


        What WC have you been working with?


        So much to think about, but so much less then if we were to get married here, so I am thankful for that!


        Thanks for posting! I am excited to get this all going!

        Marrying my best friend Dec 3rd, 2011 @ Las Caletas
        70 guests booked and paid and counting....

        #4 m6sf

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          Posted 24 August 2010 - 04:07 PM

          Hey all - what rates are you getting for the group?  I've been going back and forth with them on this, so curious (I'm looking at February and they've said rates are the same Feb-Apr and go down in May).

          #5 gowiththeflow

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            Posted 24 August 2010 - 05:53 PM

            I was able to pick the reception spot when I booked. That was actually the prob.  Every date I wanted at first only had reception availabilitu for beach receptions, which we did not want.  So when you ask about dates, specify where you want both the ceremony and reception.


            As far as the photographer, from what I can see, if they are a "guest" at the hotel, you can get around the fee.  Im not 100% sure, but that's how it seems.  I don't plan on asking - just doing it!


            We did decide to go with a TA to book people. Basically, it seems a few hundred more.  BUT, and this was what made up our minds, people can put down a deposit, rather than paying in full like when you book online.  We don't want people to wait to book til they have the full amount, and then its fully booked! April is high season.  We still have friends that have the cash who will book themselves online, and that's fine.


            We went between feb and april.  we found april to be cheaper actually.  Just be careful because easter is the 24th next year - that will be expensive and crowded. May gets even cheaper, but WAY more humid.  We really wanted to save people money, but I also did not want to be dripping with sweat on my wedding day cause of outrageous humidity.  I tend to sweat a lot as it is (i even get my armpits botoxed for sweat! I know, TMI!)  so that was important.


            oh and my WC is Rebecca, who I have had good luck with so far

            #6 Crystal1880

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              Posted 30 August 2010 - 05:33 PM

              Hello! My date is June 13!  It is confirmed, and I am having my reception at Las Plalmas


              Somebody said that you can choose two different entrees.  Can you mix and match the other courses as well?


              I am flying my photog in as a guest, so luckily I will get to avoid the vendor fee.


              Does anybody know how much the microphone is to rent during the ceremony?

              #7 simplnsweet

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                Posted 31 August 2010 - 05:33 AM

                Hi 2011 brides to be. I am getting married in Nov 2010 and have Rebeca as my WC. We are getting married at the Gazebo with reception at Las Palmas. I have attached the wedding booklet that has the a la carte price breakdown for bouquets, linen, dj (you can use his microphone etc..) . I am sure you will find many answers to your questions you have or would have had.  Oh, and menu options are also in the document. You can mix and match things so I don't know why they even have the options. Just does not make sense to me.



                you may want to make sure nothing has been changed so ask Rebeca for a copy just to make sure prices and things are correct. Oh, BTW, we just learned there is a 4 hr service cap that is not noted in the document. What that means is, they will only provide your guests with drink service for 4 hrs. We are waiting on a reply on how much more it is for another hr of service. I know the party needs to shut down at 10:30. 

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                #8 LCBride2007


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                  Posted 31 August 2010 - 10:31 AM

                  we already have a dreams PV thread with lots of info - so i'm going to lock this one!

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