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I didnt get married in the DR i got married i got married in Cancun, but our photographer travels.... She is based out of Missouri, but she travels. She specialises in destination wedding and she is really really affordable!! And Whats awesome there is no minumum amount of pics you get she just shoots and you get flashdrives with all your photos and all the rights to them... SHe also throws in a honeymoon photoshoot where you cn do a photoshoot the day before or day after the wedding. We used ours as a TTD session ( the pics we used for the thank you cards are pics from the TTD session! She is so amazing she is right there by your side. And she is right there with you and her husband is with the groom... the when the wedding starts they both shoot like crazy. She also came to out rehersal dinner the night before the wedding and took pics. Here is her info http://www.tammsphotos.com/contact/



how does it work having a photographer travel to your desitnation? do you have to pay their travel fees?

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No it depends who you go with... our photographer charged their regular fees, but our resort has a no outside vendor policy and she told us that sometimes they dont say anything and sometimes they do, so just to be safe she gives a $500 discount and we book a room for them for 2 nghts (night before the weeding & wedding night)

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