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Thanks Ladies!!! I really enjoyed this project!!


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I love them!  You did a great job with them!!


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They look wonderful!  Nice job!


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I cannot wait till i can open the attachments!!!  These are perfect...They look great :)

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Hey there! I didn't use labels. I found that the labels did not stick very well.

Plus, I could not find labels in the yellow or blue color that I wanted.

I used regular paper and then used a glue stick to glue them to the plastic container (not the plastic wrapper).

That made them stick a whole lot better.

Then I secure them with a strip of invisable tape at the point of connection.

Some people use packing tape to make them shiny and wrap around the whole label but I used regular invisable scotchtape only at the point of connection.


Originally Posted by laurenvuitton View Post

Thanks for posting the template!!  What labels did you use to make these :)



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Hey Teira! I used the glue stick they had at work. I think it's called "UMU stic" but there is a shot of it in the 1st picture. But it worked really well. Then I secured it with a piece of invisble scotch tape. It was much more secure than any "sticky type labels" I tried.


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what kind of glue did you use? these are fantastic!

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